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Hiya TCW friends!
So super excited to be here today to share a touch of TCW inspiration with you.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own

If you enjoy seeing a page come together quickly, you can just go ahead and watch the process video below. Captions within the video will tell you what products I have used along the way.

For those who prefer to read…. or perhaps are at work secretly catching up with your blog reading? 😉 … here is the page, step-by-step

1 – I randomly painted a blank journal page with green (evergreen) acrylic paint. In this video I have used Dina Wakley Media heavy body acrylics. Add pastel blue (mineral) in 3 seperate places around the page. Diagonally from left to right going down the page, add loose painted dots, in turquoise.

2 – Water down some TCW9001 – white gesso and add some splatters around the page. Make sure this background dries completely

3 – With a deep blue or Payne’s grey (here I have used Night by Dina Wakley) – grab a make up sponge and sponge paint through the stencil. I have used TCW447 – Onion skin designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

This stencil also comes in a 6×6 size. Here is another page I have done with this same stencil before.

4 – Sponge a section of this stencil onto the lower right corner and edges. Then just a tiny corner at the top left to balance the visual color weight

TIP: Less is more when sponging through stencils. Once you have got some paint on your sponge, dab most of it off, until the paint is light but evenly covering the sponge, before you start actually sponging through the stencil. Keep in mind that you can go over a stencil as many times as you need to slowly build up the paint color – you will see me do this exact thing in the video.

5 – Next, I take a gorgeous floral stencil designed by Art by Marlene. TCW750 – Dahlia Blooms. I sponge this in red, fuschia and pink, mixing the paints through the stencil as I go. I only sponge the large flower within this stencil as a feature flower. When I did the second flower, I turned the stencil a quarter or half turn just so the flowers that are side by side are not too ‘matchy matchy’

6 – Once I have both these stencils applied, I can begin to see a visual of two girls emerging from within the shapes on the page. I decide to go with that and then focus on bringing this illustration to completion.

TCW447 & TCW750 in action on an art journal page
TCW447 & TCW750 in action

7 – Next I made some marks across the page with water soluble pastels.

8 – Once the girls were done, I use watercolors to shade back the background with deep teal and some reds to deepen the overall color and shape of the flowers

9 – I quickly splatter some brights and fluoro colors within the flower centres to bring them forward aswell

10 – A small red heart and a single word ‘FRIENDS’ completes the page

I hope you enjoyed this first post and video of mine for The Crafter’s Workshop.

Friends – completed page

Have a great day!!

Dani Choate

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

To follow along on my art adventures and/or view the complete supply list for this page, please visit my blog – here

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