Artsy pineapple card using only 2 mediums and a stencil | CARD

Hey there Friend.

I am back today with a super fun and easy card. 🙂

**The Crafter’s workshop provided me some products to create this project. The opinions I share, however, are solely my own. :)***

If you want to watch the process video, just click on the video below:

To start this card, I taped the base down using masking tape, and placed my stencil TCW848 – Pineapple directly over it, also securing it with masking tape.

Next I grab my Dina Wakley paints in Cheddar , Olive and Sedona.

I use a make-up sponge to get the color down.  Using cheddar for the pineapple flesh, Olive for the leaves and sedona on the outside of the flesh to create a shadow that will make the fruit look more round.

Now I want to add my background, and for this I grab some really old supplies (10 years + Old in fact) – Oil Pastels.  I start to make random color patches all over the background and then use the white pastel over all the color to blend it out and make it more smooth and softer looking.

I then take dark blue and some black around the pineapple to create some contrast to the background and ground it.  I blend this out using my finger and also add white where it’s to dark.Lastly I just go over the background with my heat tool, which seems to set the color and melt it together.

I hope this project inspired you to grab some old supplies and make simple arty cards.

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