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When I was little we used to sing a song in church called “The Wise Man Builds” and it’s about building your house on a solid foundation like rocks, then the floods can’t wash away your home.  I  had a really in dept conversation with a good friend a while back about having all these blessings in our lives that we tend to forget when we are going through tough times.  It’s good to have a visual reminder, and she used an example of stacking up rocks.  In time of hardship or anger we tend to forget the blessings and just focus on the negative.  So I got this idea to combine my arty side with the song and the story, and physically write out my blessings on rocks, so that I have a visual reminder in the bad times of all the blessings I have already received and will continue to receive in the future.

Off course, you can use these rocks in many other ways that I am using mine, like name holders at a dinner table, or inspirational words for you art room.  You can also use smaller rocks and make a mosaic pattern on a tray.  The possibilities are endless.

Today I am going to show you how I made my rock, and it will be the first of many, starting with my biggest blessing of all, my daughter – Lily.

**The Crafter’s workshop provided me some products to create this project. The opinions I share, however, are solely my own. :)***

I get my TCW White Gesso out and paint the raw rock, after I gave it a quick wash.

Next I am taking a beautiful stencil called TCW822 Jasmine spray and applied a light colour acrylic paint to background.  I used Heather from Dina Wakley.

Next I added some beautiful shades of pink over top in the flower parts, concentrating in the center.  For this I used Blushing from Dina Wakley.

For the leaves and foliage I used Dina Wakley Olive paint.  Using a sponge, I just go over the light color to make it pop.

Lastly I used a black Sharpie Marker to write Lily’s name, and then did some shading at the bottom with a Stabilo all pencil. This gives the letters a 3d effect.  I also touched here and there with a white gel pen to make the letters stand out more.  I strayed the rock with a light coating of varnish when it was all dried.

I hope you got some inspirational ideas today on how to use a simple rock to make some meaningful art.

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