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So you have gelli printed a stack of paper and now your husband wants to know what you are going to do with all these papers you have drying all over the floor, table, kitchen table, and lounge floor.  Welllll……..

I have a full video here of how I did the entire project:

Use your favorite TCW Stencils to print backgrounds. Have a look at this video to see how I gelli printed the pages I will use:

Once you printed all your gelli papers with gorgeous stencil textures, lay them out and admire them – Just kidding – I don’t do that 🙂 😉

Here are some suggestions of stencils to use:

To make these flowers I have some Step by step instructions for you, but watch the video is you get confused. Start by using a gelli printed piece of paper, square, any size.  Play around with the sizes to get them different, so you can nest some of them together.  Fold in half.

Fold the half over on an angel like below.Then over on it’s self again.Now cut this with a scollop.  Different scollops will make different flower petals.

Next I painted a raw wooden frame using TCW Black Gesso and some blue paint, and hints of TCW Gold paint.  I assembled all the flowers inside my frame and added some gemstones to the middle of the flowers and some doodling around.

I ended up gifting this to my daughter’s teacher because she is awesome and made my daughter bloom, so I felt it fitting.

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