Challenge Yourself

Howdy Bloggers, Lisa here with a TCW blog update.

Sometimes, in life we take on a little more than we can handle. we do it for different reasons, but generally we ask ourselves to rise up and fulfill goals. This last 2 weeks has been the start of one of those times.

Last year I completed #the100dayproject, where one creates for 100 days straight…and it’s that time again. Just to add to that project, I jumped onto the #everythingcircles Instagram challenge as well(which is only 30 days) So today I am sharing with you a few of my favorite pieces from the first 12 days.

I love the overall design and layout of this piece. Feminine yet vibrant, this piece uses two TCW stencils TCW858 Delicate Impressions & TCW5007 Harlequin to add depth and interest to the background.

#the100dayproject Day 2

Connecting to my Esoteric side to create this old worldy piece, I used the wonderful TCW855 Linked Tiles.

#the100dayproject Day 4

Collaborating with my draftsman hubby,who drew the doorway, I have created the facade of the building using the fabulous TCW834 Stone Increase .

#the100dayproject Day 8

One from the #everythingcircles challenge Day 6, Vibrant and fun, this page is a play on my Instagram page. I used TCW418 Halftone Circles.

Thanks for dropping by the TCW blog today , I’ll be back in 2 weeks with a new update.

Lisa x

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