Dreams don’t work unless you do.

Happy New year Bloggers and Welcome to a Bright Creative TCW 2019.

 I am looking forward to 2019 after a year  of sad goodbyes and tough times plus I am dreaming of a better year ahead. Which leads me into the share for today. For those that know me personally or creatively, know that I have a thing for dream catchers. Over the years dream catchers have graced my art journal pages,been transformed into focal points on large canvases and multiplied, by teaching different dream catcher classes over the years.

So here’s how I may put together one type of dream catcher.

Starting with three small TCW stencils TCW415 , TCW814 Mystical Tree ,TCW568 Moving Vines , a little TCW9002 Black Gesso and TCW9024 Kale Smoothie .

Here is a  YouTube hyperlapse video to share with you my process.

Did you know you could slow down the hyper function?

Check YouTube settings if you need access to a slower version.

I did add a little extra after film was completed, by detailing the tree and added a few marks.

I’m going forward into this new year with creative goals and dreams, knowing that hard work is what it takes to turn dreams into reality.

 How about you ?

Thanks so much for dropping by the TCW blog today.

I’ll be back in 2 weeks with another TCW blog update.

Lisa x


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