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Hi, and welcome back arty friends.

As we are full swing in the silly season, I can definitely start to feel the Christmas vibes taking over.  I love Christmas as much as the next person, but sometimes it’s a bit much.  So today I want to bring Christmas inspiration that isn’t SO Christmasy. (If that’s even a word?)

December and Christmas time is always a hard one for me, specially now with us living far away from friends and family, so I have always felt like I had a special Christmas angel looking out and over me.  This is my interpretation of her.  (yeah, its a girl angel)

You can watch the full tutorial video on how she came to be here:

I start off by getting my A5 art journal out, and applying TCW Heavy body acrylic paint in Raspberry Sorbet, Lemon Custard, Blue Jellybean, and Orange slice. I use the stencil Coronet Wreath.  Looks nice and bright!

Now I want to apply a second layer of stenciling, and I use TCW Stencil Mesh Block with Blueberry pie heavy body acrylic paint.  I also rub on some more paint over the areas I feel needs more color.I am really happy with this look, but I want to unify the page and tie it all together.  To do this, I will brayer on some Spun sugar white heavy body acrylic paint.


Next I drew out the outlines of my angel using a Stabilo all black pencil, which is water soluble. I then mute the busy background around the angel using TCW Gold Gesso.  Brilliant stuff, because I could now add more layers over top of the gold if I wanted to without it being to slick.

Next I continued to work on my angel, by covering her face and dress in Spun sugar white heavy body acrylic paint to give it a base to work on.  Next I played with Jane Davenport’s Mermaid markers to give color to her hair, face, dress and wings.

I hope that you have enjoyed this angel as much as I have making her!  May she watch over you this December too!!!

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