Save The Drama For Your Llama

Thanks for popping by today arty friends.

I will create a quirky canvas for my art studio, that serves as a fitting reminder of my current mindset.  “Save the drama for your Llama”

***The Crafter’s Workshop provided me some products to create this project, but the opinions I share are solely my own.***

You can View the full process tutorial over HERE:

Going through my art studio has it perks, like when you find old products or bits and bobs you haven’t seen in ages.  You might also find old art you have abandoned or might have thought about throwing away.  In my case, I went through a mermaid phase, you know, when everyone was doing the mermaid challenges (Rolling Image result for rolling eyes emoji my eyes at myself)… anyway, I found a canvas I made and really didn’t like, so I’m repainting it.

I cover the entire canvas with Black Gesso. You don’t need a lot, one layer was enough to completely cover the entire canvas, and it dried really quickly too. Bonus!

Now I am ready to add my colorful background.  I’m using TCW Heavy body acrylic paints, and squeezed out Raspberry Sorbet, Orange Slice, Lemon Custard, Kale Smoothie, Blue Jellybean, Blueberry Pie and Spun sugar. I am mixing all the colors with white and then applying it directly to my canvas using a pallet knife, blending where the colors meet.

Now I am using the TCW817 Drama Llama Stencil with Black Licorice paint to get the image of this unicorn llama on my canvas. So stinking cute!

Next I want this cutie to stand out a bit more form the colorful background and shimmer like the pretty magical creature that she is!  To do that, I am giving her a quick wash with Shimmery Goodness and then a light layer with a paintbrush of Grecian Gold Modeling paste.  You wouldn’t typically use modeling paste this way, but I just watered it down a bit and it works a treat.

It’s starting to look like a complete piece.  Just need to add the finishing touches.  To do that, I color the saddle with a Metallic Marker and give her rosy cheeks. Sharpening the lines with a sharpie marker where its needed. Lastly, I give her a glow using Shimmery Goodness and then I add Gelatos around my Llama to add some shadows and magic.

Now, its perfect for my studio, and whenever I look at I, I am reminded to avoid drama, and just live my BEST MAGICAL LIFE EVER!  I hope you will live your best life too, and “Save the drama for your Llama”!

Thank you so much for joining me today, I hope you had fun and got inspired to create something yourself.

We would love to see what you create with the Crafters Workshop stencils and mediums. You can share it with us on our Facebook Page, Instagram and Pinterest using hashtag #tcwstencillove

See you very soon! xxx

Jeanine du Plessis (My Arty Heart)

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