One Abstract Family Portrait

Howdy folks, Lisa here with a new TCW blog update.

After my last blog post “Let Stencils be the Hero”, where I reworked an unfinished canvas, I have again, created a piece on a large canvas 75 cm x 100 cm that had been put away for 18 months, obviously waiting for this very opportunity to revisit.

This is the piece, above, with which I started this creative session. I created this piece using acrylic inks, acrylic paints and stencils.

When I received my TCW stencils and saw the TCW813 Blueprint stencil this piece was born in my head, because my partner is a Draftsman, so I wanted to create an abstract family portrait.

Using TCW9002 Black Gesso I created four basic figures to represent our family unit.

I then added detail to each figure using  TCW stencils. I love multi layering stencils with acrylic paints.

 TCW stencils used on this work include  TCW381 Quatrefoil ,

TCW802 Prismatic , TCW806 SpanishTile  ,  TCW807 ScriptDots , TCW810 Blooming Garden ,

TCW812 Coronet Wreath ,TCW813 Blueprints , TCW811 Floral Statement ,

TCW822 Jasmine Spray, TCW823 Rose Bouquet .

Each figure representing one of my loved ones, so extra details were added onto the piece using

TCW9011 Matt Medium to individualize each figure.

I was a little undecided about the background and changed my mind during the progress of the piece, from TCW9002 Black Gesso to TCW9001 White Gesso then a mix of both, with a splash of  TCW9010 Silver Gesso as well.

I really like the results

The man of the house was asked to hang it as soon as it was dry.

I love my new abstract family portrait.

Thanks you all so much for dropping by the TCW Blog today.

I hope you are inspired to create your own family portrait using the incredibly versatile TCW stencils.

See You very soon

Lisa  X

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