Watercolor with Stencils 2 Ways – A Video Tutorial

Hello Everyone!! It is Lindsay here from Crafting While Caffeinated here with you again today and I have a brand new technique to share with you! Well actually, two techniques using the same medium – watercolor. The majority of the time when I think of stencils I don’t necessarily think of pairing them with watercolor, but when I seen the new TCW811 Floral Statement Stencil, I knew I wanted to try and find a way to make these two things coexist! It turns out it is easier than I thought! Be sure to watch the video tutorial down below to see two different ways to make your stencils and watercolors work together to make some gorgeous backgrounds for your cards!


If you want all the details on how to make your stencils and watercolors work together beautifully, be sure and watch the video tutorial above. But I also want to give you a few tips and tricks to help make the process even easier!

Using Watercolor with Stencils - A How To Video Tutorial

In life we live by the rule less is more, but in the case of this technique, when applying rubber cement to the back of your stencils, MORE is MORE. You really want to make sure that every part of your stencil is adhered to the paper so no watercolor or pigment can seep underneath. Yes, you will have some rubber cement that seeps out of the side, but that can easily be cleaned up before you start. (Again, watch the video for all the details and this will make much more sense!)

How to use Watercolor with Stencils without seeping!! It's easier than you think!! - A Video Tutorial

Also, prep and patience is the KEY to making this technique work. You have to wait for the rubber cement to dry and you have to wait for your watercolor to dry before you try and remove the stencil and the leftover cement on your paper. This is not a quick technique, but in my opinion, it is well worth the time and effort! I am not a patient person and I honestly do not have a lot of time to craft, but I made it work this time just because I love the results so much!!

Easy watercoloring with stencils. It's so simple!! A video tutorial!

This technique lends itself so well to the new stencils that were just released from TCW, but I have listed and linked the stencils I specifically used down below. But make sure to look at ALL of the stencils because I can totally see this being beautiful with one of the new mandalas! It really is more about your style and taste with this specific technique. I hope you all enjoyed this fun way to mix your stencils and watercolors and until next time, Happy Crafting!!

Lindsay (Crafting While Caffeinated)….The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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6 thoughts on “Watercolor with Stencils 2 Ways – A Video Tutorial

  1. Absolutely fabulous tutorial. I’ve never seen masking done like this. I am definitely going to give it a try. Love how your cards turned out. The colors are beautiful.

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