For this project, I taped four canvases together and worked on them at the same time. I couldn’t choose between a couple of stencils, so I used 8!

TCW Supplies
TCW9011 Clear Matte Medium
TCW759 Tangled Vine, TCW765 Flower Grid,
TCW768 Journal Musings, TCW769 Flower Scroll,
TCW770 Wildflower Duet, TCW772 Regal Butterfly,
TCW787 Architexture, TCW737 Love Sonnet

Paints – umber, cheddar, sedona, elephant
Dictionary pages, tissue wrap, 6” square canvases

Note: I am a Design Team member for The Crafter’s Workshop; however, even though I use and love their products, all opinions are solely my own. #ad #advertising #sponsor

To begin, I gessoed the canvases and then I taped the four of them together so I could work on all of them at the same time. I stuffed paper towels in them so they wouldn’t sink in when I was working on them.

Next, I painted them with an ivory paint and then used matte medium to glue strips of dictionary pages onto the canvases.


After that, I began to paint the canvases with the cheddar, sedona, and elephant colored paints.

Once they were dry, I used the umber paint and a large variety of TCW stencils to decorate the canvases.

In order to tone down some of the color, I applied tissue wrap using the matte medium; and then painted over that once it was dry.


To finish, I applied more stenciling and painted the sides using the umber paint.

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Patty 😉

12 thoughts on “FOUR MINI CANVASES

  1. Thank you Patty for sharing this lovely project. I really like the finished results. They are sunny but also autumnal, yes really like these. In fact you have inspired me to have a go myself. Thank you!

  2. I like these also! Would never have thought of taping four together. What a fantastic grouping they make!

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