Be Brave Layout with Zoey

Hello Crafters!

Today I want to show you how I made this quick and easy Mixed Media Scrapbooking Layout using new Stencils and Mediums.

Supplies needed :

Note: I am a Design Team member for The Crafter’s Workshop; however, even though I use and love their products, all opinions are solely my own.

I always loved Layouts but I always find my self creating everything but them, when I was thinking what to create for today’s post, I went through my shoe box where I keep memories, little things to inspire me. Moving things around I found this photo I took by myself. It gave me shivers because it was such a dark time for me that I actually was surprised I kept that photo in this shoe box. I thought it was “meant to be” since it was also taken around this time of the year – so I wanted to give this photo its own place and decided to create a layout with it.

I took a white mixed media paper and cut it to size — this is not a standard layout, it is slightly larger than a 6×6. I used Matte Gel Medium to glue down small pieces of tissue wrap paper and then I did a light was with White Gesso and water. I let it dry then with a sponge I used the stencil Flower Grid and applied gesso through it.

I wanted to create a resist into my background. I let it dry then I took Raspberry Sorbet Heavy Body Acrylic and I watered it down a lot in order to achieve a “watercolor look” and with a round brush I applied it all over the background. I also mixed in a bit of Spun Sugar Heavy Body Acrylic to shade the pink in different ways. I let it dry a bit then with a baby wipe I removed the color from the area where I put the gesso. The effect is hardly to see, but there is a thin and fine texture that creates interest in the background.

I kept layering color then, when I was happy with it, I added Light and Fluffy modeling paste using Laurel Wreath stencil. I wanted a solid placing for this photo, so I wanted to use a Wreath. I let it air dry – I do believe that modeling paste gives its best result when left to air dry, but you can use your heat tool to speed up the process. I just love the sharp edges I get with air dry.

Then I remembered that I wanted to add another “layer” with the stencil – but I added already the modeling paste, so I opted for a “plain” texture and with a round brush I added color through the Shapes stencil here and there. When dry, I repeated the same thing with a black gel pen.
I wrote my journaling then I added my little cluster (I just stacked two piece of paper together) and glued down my photo. I love hidden journaling, especially when they are emotional.
On the top of the photo I wrote the first lyrics of a song that I always loved, Mr. Brightside by The Killers.
I then added a little, but meaningful, stickers that says “be brave” – just to remind me about these days and celebrate that after all, every thing shall pass.
To finish it off I added a couple of scribbles with my non dominant hand with a light pencil and I framed the layout the same way with a black gel pen.

Here’s some more photo of my layout  :

Now go and celebrate yourself and your accomplishments, it’s a good day to love yourself!

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Ciao,  Zoey
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

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