ATC trio by Zoey

Hello Crafters!

Today I want to show you how I made this quick and easy Mixed Media ATC trio usingnew Stencils and Mediums.

Supplies needed :

I started working on my background as I always do : bits and pieces of book paper glued down with gel medium. I always set aside and let it completely dry. Then I watered down a bit of Gesso and with a flat brush I went all over my background – I let it dry again.
With the spatula I added some more Gesso, this time without thinning it down with water. I love the contrast between the yellowish from the old book pages and the bright white from the Gesso.

I grabbed the first stencil , Number Scramble, and with the spatula I added the new amazing modeling paste…Marcasite Silver. OH I Love this new color. It is beyond amazing.  This might be definitely my new favorite color. I love this paste because it is not too thick but you can build up incredible layers, it is so easy to spread and the coverage is perfect. Definitely this is one of my must have! I let the paste dry.

I used again the spatula to add the bright pink color around the background, I didn’t want a perfect look, so I kinda applied it randomly. I let it dry then I added a bit of more white with the acrylic paint. I let it dry again completely. Then I took a sponge and with a bit of black acrylic paint I added some details with the Micro Dots stencil. I love using make up sponges to do so because they leave a soft shade.
I then took the fluffy modeling paste and I added it through another favorite stencil ,  Exotic Lamp. When the paste was dry, I added a bit of acrylic paint and water to the paste. This because I wanted to add a bit of shade to the lamps. I love the fact that there are bits of paint that grips to the modeling paste. Isn’t that a great effect? This is caused by the acrylic mixed with water.

I stitched around the tag, but then I realized there was too much white. So I took a fluo orange color and added a bit of it around my backgrounds. I love how it makes everything tie together.
I also added paper dolls and stickers.

Here’s other photo of my ATC trio .

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Ciao,  Zoey
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

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