For this project, I used 3 of The Crafter’s Workshop’s wonderful Winter 2018 stencils, one of the luscious new metallic pastes, and a prepackaged book kit to create an ART TAG BOOK.

Note: I am a Design Team member for The Crafter’s Workshop; however, even though I use and love their products, all opinions are solely my own. #ad #advertising #sponsor

TCW Stencils and Supplies
TCW780 Botanical Dream (12”x12”), TCW773 Connected Dots (6”x6”),
TCW792 Micro Dots (6”x6”)
TCW9040 White Pearl Metallic Modeling Paste
TCW9001 White Gesso, TCW9006 Gloss Gel Medium,
TCW9011 Clear Gel Medium, TCW9016 Spun Sugar

Other supplies used – turquoise paint, packaged book kit

I started with a packaged book kit to create my Art Tag Book.

To begin, I painted the book board covers and spine with white gesso. (In the end, I decided not to use the spine when assembling the book.)

Next, I glued pieces of torn book text onto the covers with gloss and clear gel medium. Something to note here is that both the gloss gel and clear gel mediums are adhesives. The difference is if you use the gloss gel medium over the text, any paint used next will cover the text; however, if you use clear gel medium, it puts a sealer over the text and paint will not cover it up. It’s just a personal preference.

After that dried, I began stenciling. First, I stenciled the Connected Dots with the Spun Sugar.

Next, I mixed a small amount of turquoise paint with the Spun Sugar which I then applied to the covers with a palette knife through the Micro Dots stencil. Finally, I added more Spun Sugar with a palette knife to both covers. I didn’t allow the micro dots to completely dry before using the palette knife and they smudged, which I liked.

Once totally dry, I applied the White Pearl Metallic Modeling Paste through the Botanical Dream stencil on both covers. Each of the new metallic pastes are so creamy, and spread so easily – I love working with them!! The White Pearl is so beautifully opalescent. (Please note – It is important to wash the paste off your stencil immediately so it doesn’t dry and ruin the stencil.)

To make sure the metallic paste was totally dry, I waited till the next day before assembling the book. I repeated the gesso step from above on the insides and the pockets of the book. As I create the tags, they’ll be added to my Art Tag Book.

Thanks for dropping by The Crafter’s Workshop blog. I hope this project has encouraged you to try the new stencils and metallic pastes. You will be 100% statisfied with them all!! You can also scoot over to my blog at Like I always say, “Art in the Studio makes every day a good day.”

Until next time, keep making art, friends!

Patty 😉

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