Vintage ATC Trio

Hello Crafters!

Today I want to show you how I made these Mixed Media ATCs using a couple of Stencils and Mediums.

Supplies needed :

Note: I am a Design Team member for The Crafter’s Workshop; however, even though I use and love their products, all opinions are solely my own.

I covered my ATC with a page of an old book and then I trimmed the pieces to an ATC size — well actually it is slightly taller than an normal ATC. I used gel medium to glue the paper down. With the palette knife I added a big amount of gesso to create a white base. I let it dry completely.

I added a couple of watercolors and added them to the background. I also used the Black Licorice paint to darken up the edges. I helped the color blend with water.

I let it dry completely and then I used a stamp to add some more interest. Then I took the Harlequin Stencil and the clear modeling paste and added this to the background.

I opted for the clear modeling paste because I just wanted an hint of texture and I didn’t want to cover up the background entirely.

Then with a make up sponge, brown ink and the bee on time stencil I added some more details to the background.

The I took a look at the ATCs and I noticed that the Harlequin Stencil was not really visible — of course duh! So with the same make up sponge I lightly went over the clear modeling paste and highlighted the peeks.

I used a very very light hand because I was too afraid to mess up the background since the layer of modeling paste I did was very thin.

Then as final step , my usual mark : stitches! I ran all the three ATCs under my beloved sewing machine going twice around the sides. I never look for a precise look — adding the stitches for me only “seals” the project and mark it as finished.
Then what was left to do, was only to add images and words.

I hope you had fun and got inspired!

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Ciao,  Zoey
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

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