Well, it’s almost time for the big guy and his famous sleigh packed with toys to make their annual trip around the world. This post is dedicated to those nine hard-working bucks that help him get the job done!

TCW9019 Candy Apple & TCW9015 Black Licorice
heavy body acrylic paints,
TCW9003 Gold Gesso, TCW9005 Modeling Paste
TCW736 Dramatic Floral lg. stencil,
TCW739 Trendy Images sm. & lg. stencils
Grafix: Monoprint Plate
Stabilo All pencil, various stamps, ink pad

Note: I am a Design Team member for The Crafter’s Workshop; however, even though I use and love their products, all opinions are solely my own.

First, I gessoed my journal page and then added strips of red paper with matte medium.

Next, I added gold gesso to the page by painting the monoprint plate, laying the Dramatic Floral on top, and then pulling it off to leave a gold print. I then “stamped” with the monoprint plate onto my journal pages.


I used the black licorice paint to first stencil the 3 diamond-shaped images on the large Trendy Images stencil and then stenciled the same image using the small Trendy Images stencil.

Once the paint was dry, I used the modeling paste to stencil the large deer from the Trendy Images stencil. (NOTE: wash your stencil immediately so the paste doesn’t dry on it.) I had thought all 9 deer would easily fit on the spread, but because I’m impatient and wanted to get them all on at one time, I couldn’t put them too close, and they ended up taking up more space than I had anticipated.

    Before the modeling paste had time to set up, I used an intaglio technique to stamp the number stamps into each deer. To do this, spray the rubber stamp with water before stamping into the modeling paste. (Wash your stamps immediately to remove any modeling paste.)


After the modeling paste had dried, I painted the numbers with several layers of gold gesso then black licorice paint, and painted each deer with brown paint. I painted some candy apple and gold gesso on the spread as well. Once dry, I outlined each deer with the Stabilo All pencil and then used a wet paint brush to go over the lines. This creates a shadow effect. I also rubber stamped around the edges of the spread.


In the end, I liked how #9 Rudolph was on a separate piece of cardstock and I could decorate his piece differently – because he’s really #1.


I hope this post has inspired you to use some of the fabulous products from The Crafter’s Workshop. Thanks for dropping by The Crafter’s Workshop blog. You can also scoot over to my blog at arteverydaystudio.blogspot.com. Like I always say, “Art in the Studio makes every day a good day.”

Until next time, Merry Christmas and keep making art, friends!

Patty 😉

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