Glitter embossed Christmas cards

How to make easy glitter embossed Christmas cards

Hi everyone, Heidi here, today I would like to show you another fun idea for your Christmas cards. These cards are very easy to make, don’t take a lot of time (so you can create a bunch of them) and they have a gorgeous sparkle to them!


The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.


First I will describe the technique that I used and then I’ll show you the cards that I created and tell you the colours of the specific products.


I like to show you idea’s for cards that don’t require a lot of materials or skills: everybody can create today’s cards, nothing fancy or difficult about them!

How to make easy glitter embossed Christmas cards

Step 1:

The base for all of today’s cards is a linen textured rectangle card base, with several rectangle mats layered on top of each other. I created these layers with two different nesting die sets: one regular and one stitched set, you can use any nesting die set that you have, or, you can measure and cut the rectangle shapes using a ruler and a craft knife. The cards all look different because after die cutting the smallest rectangle (red is this example) I used another die to change the shape of this panel. I will tell you more about this when I talk about each card later on.

How to make easy glitter embossed Christmas cards

Step 2:

After changing the panels shape I took a The Crafter’s Workshop stencil called “Snowflakes“ (TCW720s), adhered that over the panel with tape and then I applied The Crafter’s Workshop white “Modeling Paste“ (TCW9005) over the stencil using a palette knife. Take of the stencil, put the panel on a piece of regular printer paper and sprinkle a good amount of embossing powder over the wet modeling paste, tap of the access and set aside to dry. When the modeling paste is dry you can heat the embossing powder like you regularly would do with embossing powder. Glitter embossing powder gives the most sparkly results so that’s what I went for. I will tell you the colours that I used later on. For heating I always use the Ranger Heat It tool, if you have a heat tool that’s much hotter then this one, then you need to be careful, you don’t want to overheat the modeling paste, you can see when that happens because then the modeling paste starts to bubble, nice when you would like to create fluffy clouds but that’s not the effect we’re going for today!

Oh, and wash the stencil when you are done with the embossing powder (if you wash the stencil first then the modeling paste might have lost it’s tackiness and the embossing powder won’t stick to some parts of your design).

How to make easy glitter embossed Christmas cards

Step 3:

Next we’re going to design the rest of the card. For the sentiments on all these cards I used a Lily of the Valley stamp set called “Christmas Handwritten Phrases“. I stamped the sentiments on separate pieces of card stock or banners, cutting the stamps up when necessary. For stamping I used either Versafine “Onyx Black“ ink or VersaMark ink (and heat embossing with embossing powder). On all the cards I used some bakers twine and a (bracelet) charm for some added fun details.


I wanted to show you different designs based of the same idea, in different colour combinations, so that you can pick and choose the ones you like best.

How to make easy glitter embossed Christmas cards

The red card:

First I die cut a rectangle panel from some deep red coloured linen textured card stock. I used the edge of this same die to cut a piece of from the bottom (you just have to make sure that you don’t also cut of a piece of the top right corner, to prevent this you put this corner on top of the die before running it through the die cutting machine). On the modeling paste I used Papermania “Tinsel Gold“ Embossing Powder.

I die cut a crème coloured linen textured panel in the same size as the red panel, I edged this panel on the top half side with a little Versafine “Crimson Red“ ink (this way looking from the side you don’t really notice that there is a red panel on top of the crème panel). Then I stamped the sentiment : put both layers on top of each other and then stamp, before adhering your red panel, when you make a mistake while stamping, this way you can save the panel that took the most time to create. Next I adhered the red panel on the crème panel using liquid glue.

I used red/white bakers twine and a mitten bracelet charm for added interest: first wrap the bakers twine around the panel twice and adhere on the back with regular tape. Then thread the charm on a separate piece of the same bakers twine, lay this on top of the other piece of bakers twine, making sure that it sticks out from the top side enough to wrap around the back later on. Then take a third piece of the same bakers twine, slip this under the other parts (horizontally so to speak) and make a bow. You can still move the charm and the bow up and down the first piece of bakers twine so that  you can find the position that you like best. When you’re ready wrap the second piece of bakers twice (from the charm) around the top and adhere on the back with regular tape.

I used a slightly larger black panel for my mat, adhering the first panels to this mat using one millimetre thick foam tape and then adhered these combined panels to a crème coloured card base with liquid glue. And that finishes this first card.

How to make easy glitter embossed Christmas cards

The turquoise card:

This is the first idea that I came up with for this design: I started with a turquoise coloured linen textured rectangle panel. On top of the modeling paste I added JudiKins “Iridescent Sparkle“ Embossing powder. I layered this turquoise panel on a slightly larger dark purple panel and adhered both together using liquid glue. I used turquoise/white bakers twine and an angel charm. For the sentiment I first stamped with VersaMark ink onto black card stock, heat embossing with Ranger Super Fine Detail “White“ Embossing Powder, die cutting around the sentiment with the middle sized die in the Lawn Fawn “Everyday Sentiment Banners“ die set and using the largest die in this same set to create a vellum banner, I adhered both together and on the card with see through tape runner and liquid glue and folded around the back before adhering the combined turquoise/purple panel to a crème coloured linen textured card base using one millimetre thick foam tape.

How to make easy glitter embossed Christmas cards

The pink card:

I also wanted to ad a non traditional Christmas card colour in the mix so I went with die cutting a white rectangle panel first, then die cutting a circle out of the middle top part. On the modeling paste I added Wow! “Metallic Copper Sparkle “ Embossing Glitter. For my background panel I choose a pink card stock colour that I die cut in a slightly larger rectangle size. I draw in the shape of the circle with a pencil and I edged with some Memento “Lilac Posies” ink, starting outside the circle working a little inwards, but not completely to the middle, and also adding this ink on the edge of the pink panel, to create a bit more contrast between the white panel and the pink panel. I stamped the sentiment on the pink panel. Next I adhered the taupe/white coloured bakers twine with the snowflake charm. To put this card together I adhered the copper glitter panel to the pink panel with one millimetre thick foam tape and then adhered these combined panels to a white linen textured card base using liquid glue.

How to make easy glitter embossed Christmas cards

The green card:

And for the last of today’s cards I choose dark green linen textured card stock that after die cutting the rectangle in the first step I die cut for the second time with the Lawn Fawn “Speech Bubble Border“ die. I also die cut another rectangle panel in the same size from some crème coloured linen textured card stock that I edged on the bottom half with Memento “Nothern Pine“ ink (again to make it look more put together). On the modeling paste I used Papermania “Tinsel Silver“ Embossing Powder. I choose grey/white bakers twine and a Christmas tree charm. The colour of the charm matched nice with craft coloured card stock so I choose that for my slightly larger rectangle panel and I used another crème coloured linen textured card base to finish this card.

And that’s it for today’s Christmas project! I would love to hear which card design of these four is your favourite?

The Christmas themed stencils from this TCW Summer 2017 release are really awesome to create a lot of different Christmas card designs with, as I have shown you over the past months, and in December I will show you my last idea!

We would love to see what you create with The Crafter‘s Workshop Stencils and Mediums.
You can share it with us on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest using hashtag #tcwstencillove.

Heidi Jakobs

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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  1. This seems like a lot of work but it totally pays off. There’s still time to make them, maybe I’ll add a photo of the kids for the grandparents than they have some even more personalised christmas cards.

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