Stenciling a Journal Cover – Using Gina K. Inks & Therm O Web Foil

Hello and Happy August friends!  We are all getting ready to start back to school , but my family has a final trip to the beach planned this week.  My daughter and I have been on a serious brush lettering kick lately and I thought I would make a dedicated notebook with printed sheets we could practice in!  This is the finished front below and was actually inspired by a duvet design I saw online at  I was drawn to it because of the bright colors layered over each other and obviously, the pineapples immediately made me think of this ‘Aloha’ stencil and summer fun.

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

I actually only used one stencil, the Aloha, shown below, but in both the 6×6 and 12×12 sizes.


The Design team was given the most amazing collection of products from Gina K. For ThermOWeb, and other ThermOWeb products, including Deco-foil.  I am going to be using the Gina K. Inks, some of the Deco-foil and Transfer Gel, and of course some of The Crafter’s Workshop mediums!

I started by using the Larger pineapple stencil and few different colors of the ink  from Gina K. blends so beautifully! I used yellow and green with the larger pineapple too.

Then, the real fun begins!  The ink colors from Gina K. are so vibrant and lovely, and the color names are creative too.

After the ink had dried completely, I aligned the larger stencil over the part I inked and spread a thin layer of the ThermOWeb Transfer Gel over the area.I repeated the process on the other place that I used the green ink. The Gel takes a while to dry, (I left mine for an hour) and you can tell it is ready because as it dries it becomes translucent. I used the Emerald Watercolor Deco-Foil over the areas I covered with the Transfer Gel and then ran it through my lamination machine.  The mix of colors in this Deco-Foil color was perfect for a pineapple or something that would have various shades and hues naturally.

To create the back cover of my book, I used the White Gesso over a piece of lightweight cardboard I cut to size.

I applied a generous layer of the Shimmery Goodness over the entire large pineapple.  I had thought about leaving it just like that, monochromatic and subtle, but I couldn’t resist adding some color to match the front!

Using the Raspberry Sorbet and Lemon Custard acrylics, I painted a loose border around and through the pineapple.  I’m happy I used the color.  I think it’s a nice contrast to the front cover.

I did laminate the front cover that I used the Deco-Foil with, to protect it and make it more sturdy.

I used my Cinch Binding machine and made a booklet, using the brush lettering guides and examples I printed out. This is the final journal below! And a shot of the back.

I have dozens of screen shots and bookmarked pages that I use for inspiration.  It is everywhere!  I hope this inspires you to find some inspiration from somewhere unexpected and create a project with it!  So, now I need to pack my brush markers and get busy!! Be sure to share your creation on social media, tagging TCW!


TCW662 – Doodling Template – Aloha

TCW9001 – White Gesso

TCW9016 – Heavy Body Acrylic – Spun Sugar

TCW9017 – Heavy Body Acrylic – Lemon Custard

TCW9020 – Heavy Body Acrylic – Rasperry Sorbet

TCW9012 – Shimmery Goodness Medium

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Jenni Calma

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

8 thoughts on “Stenciling a Journal Cover – Using Gina K. Inks & Therm O Web Foil

  1. Un cuaderno precioso te ha quedado, me encantan esos colores brillantes y vivos. No se lo que es el foil ese o la máquina de laminación pero el resultado es espectacular 😀

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