Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping

We have a special Guest Designer today, Patty Eskridge.  Patty was inspired by one of our Instagram posts and reached out to us with some fabulous ideas and samples for the holidays.  So, we asked her if we could share.  We love these gift-wrapping ideas.   Check these out.  Which would you try?

You could probably say I’m obsessed with stencils. After all, I have over 100. Too many? I think not. So when The Crafter’s Workshop posted on Instagram some holiday stencils that could be used for making Christmas gifts, my wheels started turning. But the problem was that even though I have over 100, only 4 are Christmas related; so the challenge was to use my non-holiday stencils to decorate Christmas gifts. I decided on 4 “themes”, chose some of my TCW stencils for each theme and a paint palette of 3 colors and went to work. The four themes are Jingle Bells, Peace on Earth, Snowy Sunset, and Office Party.


Jingle Bells uses more of a traditional Christmas color palette.

The stencils used were:
TCW579 6 x 6 Sheet Music
TCW585 6 x 6 Inspired Words
TCW628 6 x 6 Poppy Garden

The paint colors used were:
Liquitex Basics Cadmium Red Deep Hue
Liquitex Basics Mars Black
Master’s Touch Acrylic Antique Gold

Gift 1:
Stencil 6 x 6 Poppy Garden using Faber-Castell Whipped Spackle tinted with Cadmium Red onto a white box. Attach mini gold bells with glue. Paint “Celebrate” Wooden Words from Michael’s with Mars Black paint and attach with glue.




Gift 2:

On a gold box, wrap black and gold duct tape over a gold ribbon, secure on the back. Stencil a gift tag with LOVE from Inspired Words and add handwriting with a gold pen.




Gift 3:

Use gold paint and Sheet Music to stencil a black box. Paint Cadmium Red Deep Hue on “Merry Christmas” Wooden Words from Michael’s. Tie on a scrap of gold wire ribbon.



Peace on Earth
is a nature inspired theme.

The stencils used were:
TCW526 6 x 6 Fly Away
TCW586 6 x 6 Raven Mosaic
TCW619 6 x 6 Corncob Etching

The paint colors used were:
Liquitex Basics Brilliant Yellow Green
Liquitex Basics Mars Black
Master’s Touch Acrylic Antique Gold

Gift 1:
Stencil Raven Mosaic onto tan craft paper using brilliant yellow green; wrap package. Wrap light green fabric ribbon and baker’s twine around package and secure. Secure two gold glittered pine cones onto a scrunched piece of burlap and attach to package. Add a gold letter for the recipient’s name.



Gift 2:

Stencil Corncob Etching in antique gold onto tan craft paper; wrap gift. Then wrap a black chevron burlap ribbon around package and secure. Tuck some pine needles under ribbon; secure. Stencil chickadee from Fly Away in black onto a cork tag. Attach the word Noel (unpainted) from Wooden Word set from Michael’s onto cork tag; secure onto package.



Gift 3:

Paint a white gift box with antique gold paint. Wrap black and white baker’s twine around the sides; secure. Using Raven Mosaic, stencil the raven in black and his crown in antique gold onto a dictionary page. Handwrite “for you”. Cut into a large circle and tie burlap ribbon scraps for decoration. Secure onto box.



Snowy Sunset
is reminiscent of a sunset on freshly fallen snow.

The stencils used were:
TCW502 6 x 6 Impressions
TCW194 6 x 6 Tie Dyed
TCW543 6 x 6 Snowy Branch

The paint colors used were:
Liquitex Basics Silver
Folk Art Silver Anniversary
Master’s Touch Acrylic Flesh
Master’s Touch Acrylic Purple Red

Gift 1:

Using the Impressions stencil and the flesh and purple red paints, stencil the swirly shape, which resembles an ornament, onto white paper. Use silver pearl Liquid Pearls from Ranger to freehand the silver ornament hooks to all “ornaments”. Stencil the dots from Impressions using the silver paints all over the page and add Liquid Pearls dots all over paper; wrap gift. Tie a thin, silver ribbon and secure a small silver ball ornament.


Gift 2:

Stencil Snowy Branch using flesh and purple red paints onto white gift wrap paper; wrap gift. Tie orange and pink twine from Michael’s Recollections around gift. Attach silver icicle ornament from Hobby Lobby.




Gift 3:
Stencil Tie Dyed in flesh and purple red paint onto white gift wrap paper; wrap gift. Wrap apricot silk ribbon around box and tie into a bow. Secure a silver ornament from Hobby Lobby.




Office Party
uses jazzy and vibrant colors to celebrate the season.

The stencils used were:
TCW279 12 x 12 Peek-a-boo
TCW439 6 x 6 Retro Bursts
TCW451 6 x 6 Crossed
TCW628 12 x 12 Poppy Garden
TCW585 6 x 6 Inspired words

The paint colors used were:
Liquitex Basics Brilliant Purple
Liquitex Basics Medium Magenta
Liquitex Basics Bright Aqua Green

Gift 1:

Stencil 12 x 12 Peek-a-Boo using all three colors onto white gift wrap paper; wrap gift. Wrap a silver wire ribbon around box; secure. Secure purple tinsel (found in gift section of Dollar Tree); and 3 plastic ball ornaments on top of ribbon. Add a scrunched bow on top of that.



Gift 2:

Two different stencils were used to stencil the “x” and “o”. Tape off one of the crosses on Crossed to make the “x”, and tape off one of the pods on the 12 x 12 Poppy Garden to make the “o”. Stencil these using medium magenta and aqua green; and then stencil “Love” from Inspired Words in brilliant purple onto white gift wrap paper; wrap gift. Tape some of the purple tinsel (Dollar Tree) onto gift. Thread a purple ornament onto a piece of pink ribbon, tie into a knot, and secure onto gift.

Gift 3:

Using brilliant purple and medium magenta paints stencil Retro Bursts onto white gift wrap paper; wrap gift. Wrap box with purple, fluffy ribbon. Cut a circle tag, rim with aqua paint, attach a purple feather, hand write sentiment.




patty-headshot_croppedI hope this post has inspired you to think outside the box to make any stencil a “holiday” one

Thank you to The Crafter’s Workshop for letting me share with you. You can contact me through Instagram @elephantandtheowl or email

Happy Holidays! Patty Eskridge

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