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Take Delight, TCW2157, Kim Schofield, Faith Art JournalingHi all! Kim here with you today to share a quick and easy faith art journal page. I confess that I have been inspired by many of the Bible art journaling pages that I’ve seen online lately and am feeling like I *need* to dip my toe into that side of creating. There is some beautiful artwork out there! This was an easy page to create and I’ll share the step-by-step directions below.

  1. Start by using a 7″ x 10″ piece of watercolor paper. The brand I’m using is from my local craft store and is 140 lb.
  2. Lay the Stencil Ring Doily stencil over your water color paper and hold firmly (or use painter’s tape to hold the stencil in place)
  3. Put a small amount of white gesso on a palette or non-stick craft sheet and use a blending tool or make-up sponge to pick up the gesso and apply it through the entire stencil. (The stencil design will fully cover the 7″ x 10″ piece of paper). Heat set or allow gesso to fully dry.
  4. Use a variety of Dylusions Ink Sprays to add color to the entire piece of water color paper. I unscrewed the caps and used the pump mechanism to tap a few drops of color onto the paper, and then I sprayed the drops with water. Keep adding color and water until you have a fluid pool of water/color. You can now either tilt your paper or use a heat gun to move the color around until you’re happy with the results. Dry and add more color, if desired.
  5. The gesso will resist the ink sprays, not allowing them to fully soak in to those areas, leaving you with a ghost print of the doily stencil.
  6. Once your background is completed, use the Take Delight stencil and Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste to add the feather design onto the page. Set aside to dry.
  7. Create small puddles of ink, using the ink sprays, acrylic paint, or dye inks and water. Use a small brush to pick up the colors and flick onto the background, creating lots of splatters.
  8. Once the paste is dry, reapply the stencil over the feather design, which will now ask as a mask. Use acrylic paint to add color to the feather. Remove the stencil and heat set the paint, or allow the paint to air dry.
  9. Use jet black Archival Ink and a blending tool to add the sentiment.
  10. As a finishing touch, I added tiny silver stars and a few pink and orange rhinestones.

Here’s a peek at the entire page, which I can add into my art journal by binding in the page with washi tape or decorated masking tape.

Take Delight, TCW2157, Stencil Ring Doily, TCW460, Kim Schofield, Faith Art JournalingI hope you enjoyed today’s project and you are inspired to create an quick and easy art journal page! And try out that gesso resist technique!!

Happy Crafting!


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