Hello friends, Nancy here with a tutorial featuring some of the great new stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop.

I’ve had a supply of wooden photo cubes for some time and wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to decorate them; they were looking for the just the right embellishment. The new stencils fit the bill perfectly!

Finished photo cubes with acrylic paint and TCW stencils Lefko

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Supplies Used:

unfinished wooden photo cubes

6″ x 6″ Mini La Sonadora TCW646s

6″ x 6″ Mini La Artista TCW645s

TCW stencils 646s and 645s

6″ x 6″ Mini Chica Florita TCW648s

12″ x 12″ Brazen Star TCW639

TCW stencils 648s and 639

6″ x 6″ and 12″ x 12″ Corazon TCW652s/652

6″ x 6″ Mini Regal Hearts TCW651s

TCW stencils 652s and 651s

white gesso TCW9001


acrylic paints: orange, mustard, magenta, lavender, citron, aqua, black

baby wipes

foam spouncer

black Staz-On ink pad

masking tape

gold spray mist


Remove metal photo holders and paint cubes with white gesso.

TCW white gesso and photo cubes Lefko

Coat top and sides of cubes with a rainbow of colors, applying paint with finger. Blend colors with fingers and baby wipes.

Acrylic paint blended with baby wipes and fingers Lefko

Photo cubes covered in acrylic paints Lefko

Position stencils and use a foam spouncer to apply black acrylic paint. Mask off areas of stencils that you do not want on the cube.

TCW stencil and apply black acrylic paint with a foam spouncer Lefko

TCW stencil positioned on photo cube with area masked off Lefko

Add a different stencil design to top and sides of each cube.

TCW stencils on all sides of photo cubes Lefko

Ink all edges of cubes with black Staz-On ink.

Ink edges of photo cubes with Staz-On ink Lefko

Insert metal photo holders securely into each cube and cover loosely with masking tape. Take outside to spray all sides with gold mist.

Spray all sides of photo cubes with gold spray mist. Lefko

Remove masking tape and add your favorite photos!

Photo cubes finished with acrylic paint and TCW stencils. Lefko

Finished photo cubes with acrylic paint and TCW stencils Lefko

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and I’ll see you next time!

Nancy Lefko

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