Arachnophobia and Stencils with Karenliz

I fear spiders.
I hate that they can hide anywhere, jump around, and are scary looking.
Although I do hate them, I do find their body markings and webs a piece of art.
As long as I feel they aren’t going to jump on me, I will take the time to photograph them like this one.


I decided after finding this wooden spider I would try my hand at creating an interesting design on its back.  First, I sanded the wood and then painted it lightly with TCW Black Gesso. When it dried, I sanded it again to add a distress look.


Using high flow acrylics and water, I added various shades of black, gray, and white. I let it dry overnight.


Then with archival ink I stamped a Halloween stamp in various places.


Next using TCW Gel Medium I used one of my moon photographs and attached it to the spider. I mixed TCW Gel Medium and black heavy body acrylic paint together and put it through Branches Reversed stencil (TCW251) to add a spooky scene.


A few bats were added here and there.


Here is my finished spider. I’m glad its only wood!


I didn’t cure my fear of spiders but this sure was fun to create.
Thank so much for stopping by!

Karenliz Henderson
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

6 thoughts on “Arachnophobia and Stencils with Karenliz

  1. Dear me Karenliz – you created an amazingly unique and intriguing spider. Just love the design on his back. You are sooooo creative. SUPER WONDERFUL. j.

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