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Chica Doodles, TCW654, Art Journal, Kim SchofieldHello friends! Kim here today to share my latest art journal page, where I used the 12×12 Chica Doodles stencil as a drawing aid. Using stencils as a template is a great way to help with drawing or painting images or faces, especially if free hand drawing is not a natural born talent. Here’s how my project came together…

Chica Doodles, TCW654, Kim SchofieldI started by applying Light and Fluffy Modeling Paste through the Corncob Etching (this stencil is fabulous!) stencil. Once the paste was dry, I applied a layer of gesso over the entire page. I had drew a vase, using a Stabilo pencil, and then used the Chica Doodles stencil to add a few flowers and leaves. Notice that I’m very loosely sketching in the flowers as this is only serving as a place holder for each image.

Chica Doodles, Corncob EtchingNext, I used a water brush to go over all of the Stabilo pencil lines. Stabilo pencils react with water…this is my favorite art pencil ever.

Chica Doodles, Art Journal, Kim SchofieldI used Dina Wakley paints to add color to the background. The Stabilo pencil will continue to react with any wet medium so the color will smudge with the paint, but I think that adds to the character of the piece, and you can even use the Stabilo pencil lines to add shading.

Chica Doodles, Kim Schofield, Art JournalMore paint to create the flowers and leaves, using the stencil outline as a guide.
Chica Doodles, Art Journal, Kim SchofieldI finished off my piece by adding more stenciling on the vase, using the Kasia’s Letters stencil and black Archival Ink, along with a whole lot of doodling! I used a Fude Ball marker to doodle lines around each of the floral images and then used other elements, such as the dashed lines, from the Chica Doodles stencil to add more design, tracing through the stencil with a white paint pen. I also used other gel pens to add tiny vines and other small details and doodles. Doodling is the best part!

I hope you enjoyed today’s project and you’ll be inspired to use your stencils in new and creative ways!

Happy Crafting!

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