TCW Mixed Media Goodies: Gel Medium with Karenliz

Did you here that The Crafters Workshop has mixed media goodies?

Today, I’m going to show you how I played with the Gloss Gel Medium.

Here are a few things you can use it for.
It can be used for adhesive for collage and mixed media.
When dry it’s flexible and if needed you can cut through it.
You can create glazes.
Add body to thinner paint and adding transparency.
It’s great for adding texture.

It dries clear!
Here I added fluorescent paint to a tag and let it dry. Added the gel medium through the new stencil, Tree of Life, and let it dry. I decided to paint the whole tag with black paint. I then used a baby wipe and took off the paint on the tree.
I can see all the colors right through the gel. It’s that so cool?????
Karenliz_TCWGelMedium (6)

In my art journal I added the Daisy Chain stencil with the gel medium. When it dried, I used a gelato and TCW’s new Gold Gesso to a bit of color. Love it!!!

Karenliz_TCWGelMedium (7)

Next, I added the waves from The Sea stencil with the gel and a sponge on Yupo. When it dried, I added high flow acrylics and sprayed it with water.

Karenliz_TCWGelMedium (1) Love the way it turned out.

Karenliz_TCWGelMedium (3)

I wanted to create an acrylic skin but with an image. An acrylic skin is made by brushing paint on a non-stick surface, letting it dry, and then peel it up to add to collages, mixed media paintings, etc. I printed a bird image in black and white on my ink jet printer and added the gel medium on the image. Waited for it to dry and added another layer. All together I added three layers of gel on the image and I let it dry overnight.  Next step, I cut out the bird from the paper and I added warm water to a bowl and submerged it into the water.  I then used my fingers and took of the paper.  It’s so cool. You have to try it.
Karenliz_TCWGelMedium (5)I ripped it a little and it got a little stuck together in spots but it’s really cool looking.
Karenliz_TCWGelMedium (4)I also used the gel for an image transfer. I printed out my photo of a ferris wheel, added gel medium to my canvas and adhered the photo. When it was dry, I sprayed it with water and gently rubbed off the paper.

KarenlizTCWGel_TRnf (2)You can even see the colors that were on the canvas underneath the image. It worked perfect.

KarenlizTCWGel_TRnf (1)
All the new stencils are shipping to stores now.
If you don’t see them in a store near you, ask for them.
You will be able to buy all the new stencils at

Thank so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafters Workshop Design Team

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