Friend Friday with Chameleon Pens August 12

August is shaping up to be a fabulous month.  Our new Summer Stencils and new mediums (YES! we have new mediums now) are shipping and arriving in local stores near you … and TCW has partnered with Chameleon Pens for a fun month-long Friend Friday blog hop.  Each Friday, members from both Design Teams will share some inspirational projects on both blogs using Chameleon Pens and stencils by The Crafter’s Workshop.

Friend Friday TCW and Chameleon Pens

Take the time to visit both blogs and make sure to leave a comment on our Friend Friday blog posts for a chance to win a set of FIVE 6×6 stencils.  Leave a comment on Chameleon’s Friend Friday blog posts for a chance to win a 5 Pen set of Chameleon Pens!

So, check out our team posts for this week and then hop over to Chameleon Pens blog and see what their team has created.  Leave a comment below for a chance to win some stencils.

Nancy Lefko

Hi friends, Nancy here with a quick tutorial using the amazing Chameleon Pens and new stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop Summer 2016 release!

Finished art journal page with TCW stencils and Chameleon pens Nancy Lefko

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

A journal page seemed a suitable place to play with the pens and stencils, and having just returned from a beach vacation it was easy to find inspiration.

Supplies Used:

6″ x 9″ The Sea by Joanne Fink TCW2149

6″ x 9″ Hope is an Anchor by Joanne Fink TCW2150

6″ x 9″ Peace by Joanne Fink TCW2152

Cool Tones Chameleon Pens

art journal

pencil/fine line permanent marker

watercolor set & brush

fluid chalk ink


Before beginning the journal page I did a little test run with the Chameleon Pens on a piece of watercolor paper.

Test run of Chameleon pens on watercolor paper Lefko

I began to lay out the stencils on my journal page and trace with a pencil.

Trace through TCW stencils with pencil Lefko

Trace through TCW stencils with pencil on journal page Lefko

Using a Chameleon Pen I filled in the stenciled images with color building from light to dark in the larger spaces. Infusing the tips (bullet and brush) with the toning medium gives you the ability to control the depth of your tone. For a more complete explanation, you may want to visit this YouTube video.

Fill in TCW stenciled images with Chameleon Pen on journal page Lefko

Blend with Chameleon Pens to add color to stenciled images Lefko

Add color to TCW stenciled images with Chameleon Pens in art journal Lefko

I added a watercolor wash to the background; the fact that the Chameleon Pens are permanent makes this an easy task.

Add watercolor wash to the background of the journal page. Lefko

Trace around images with a black permanent fine line marker to make them pop!

Trace around stenciled images with a fine line marker Lefko

Add a sentiment to the journal spread and ink the edges with an application of fluid chalk ink.

Finished journal page with TCW stencils and Chameleon Pens Lefko

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

I’ll see you next time!


Tory Weyers

Hi all hope you are having a super creative summer! I am so excited to share a stencil marker combo mini project with you! For this mini project I used a beautiful new stencil from The Crafters Workshop: TCW649s La Rosa and a 5 set of Cool Chameleon blend markers.

Chameleon Marker Cool Set

Since these markers are alcohol based I also thought it would be fun to experiment with some Yupo paper and some Alcohol blending solution as well. If you have never used Yupo paper it is a great medium for mixed media, inks, paint and markers. Yupo is a synthetic paper that allows mediums like ink and marker to sit on top and not soak into the sheet.

Chameleon marker and La Rose mini project supplies

Chameleon marker and La Rosa mini project supplies

First I selected marker PR4 (Purple Grape) and stenciled the rose onto the Yupo paper. I used the brush tip of the marker which is very saturated and gives amazing color coverage. You can see the ink bleed under the stencil this is part of the nature of the Yupo paper it has a slick plastic surface so the ink is free to glide onto the sheet and in some cases under the stencil. This step is both planned and spontaneous because you can’t control the slick nature of the paper. I also stenciled the leaves onto a separate sheet and used the blending tip on BG4 Aqua Marine to shade the leaf. I will add this leaves to the final piece later on.

Purple Grape PR4 marker and La Rosa Stencil

Purple Grape PR4 marker and La Rosa Stencil

In this next picture you can see each dot where I dripped the Alcohol Blending Solution onto the pigment and how it changed and pushed the ink further out in a watercolor like effect across the paper! Such a yummy pool of color!

Chameleon Marker, La Rosa Stencil and Alcohol Blending Solution

Chameleon Marker, La Rosa Stencil and Alcohol Blending Solution

Next I used BV4 Violet Blue to add  darker contrast to the piece and then I applied a bit more blending fluid. Next up was my Uniball Signo white gel pen, since the paper is slick as a pulled the stencil away you can see the movement and texture that was added to the piece because the gel pen was wet. This adds interest and texture to the rose.

Marker BV4 Violet Blue added for contrast

Marker BV4 Violet Blue added for contrast

To finish I added some additional detailing around the rose, added the lettering in black and cut the finished leaves from the other sheet and glued them down. I love how this piece turned out! The dreamy watercolor feel and the vibrant colors jump off the page!

Final piece by Tori Weyers

Final piece by Tori Weyers

This piece reminds me that as summer comes to an end I need to take the time to dream, enjoy the long sunny days and of course smell the roses.

As always, keep creating! XOXO -Tori Weyers

McCall Clifford

McCall here! For today’s Friend Friday I whipped up a fun art journal page. I used the 5 pen primary tones setMini Chica DoodleMini Corazon, and Mini La Rosa.

Art journal page using TCW stencils and chameleon pens

I traced and colored in the stencils using the fun chameleon pens.
Little tricky starting out but I got the hang of it.

Art journal page using TCW stencils and chameleon pens

Next I outlined the flowers with a black marker.

Art journal page using TCW stencils and chameleon pens

Add some abstract flair and a sweet quote and wa-la!

Art journal page using TCW stencils and chameleon pens

Aren’t these fun projects?  Don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win a set of 5 stencils.  Then hop over to Chameleon Pens Blog and leave a comment as well as register for their newsletter.   You’ll have four chances to win since we will post each Friday this month for this cross promotion Friends Friday with Chameleon Pens and The Crafter’s Workshop.

17 thoughts on “Friend Friday with Chameleon Pens August 12

  1. I’m so excited to see you 2 team up. Great projects! Looking forward to trying my stencils and chameleon pens together.

  2. All the projects are gorgeous! I especially love the use of the alcohol blending solution…..Awesome technique to add extra flair to your project!!!! 🙂

  3. WOW – three FABULOUS pieces, ALL different techniques, ALL EXCITING!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your SUPER stencil INSPIRATION Nancy, Tory and McCall!!!
    I look forward to having LOTS of NEW ADVENTURES with my stencils 🙂

  4. I haven’t done a lot with stencils but I got some out last week and really enjoyed
    using them.
    The DT did an amazing job with their flowers on this post.
    thanks for sharing.

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