Hello, folks! Nancy here with a mixed media tutorial.

Inspiration for this piece came from all of the wonderful and color-filled abstract art that I run across on social media. I’m not an artist who dabbles in the abstract, so when push came to shove I felt the need to add a focal image. But hey, baby steps, right?

Finished mixed media piece using TCW stencils and acrylic paint Lefko

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Supplies Used:

6 x 6 Mini Coaster Stencil TCW621s

12 x 12 Corncob Etching Stencil TCW619

4 x 4 Ancient Wheel Remnant Stencil TCW2116

TCW stencils used for mixed media abstract artwork Lefko

140 lb watercolor paper

foreign newspaper

glue stick

matte medium adhesive


heat gun

acrylic paint: orange, mustard, citron green, aqua, periwinkle, black

foam brushes/applicators


white gel pen

baby wipes

Fornasetti face toner copy

clear packing tape

bone folder

black Staz-On ink

vintage text


Tear strips of foreign newspaper and adhere to watercolor paper with glue stick. Coat with a layer of matte medium. I promise you there will be wrinkles, but do not fret. Dry with a heat gun and when the paper is no longer damp, roll out the wrinkles with a brayer. (If you are over-eager and roll too soon, your newspaper will pull off the surface and stick to the brayer, and you will not be happy!) Press hard and roll, roll, roll and those wrinkles will disappear.

Adhere foreign newspaper with glue stick and coat with matte adhesive

Using foam brushes, add color with acrylic paint and blend with baby wipes. You will need to dry again and roll out the wrinkles.

Acrylic paint adds color to the background. Blend with baby wipes. Lefko

 Using a foam applicator and black paint, add the Mini Coaster Stencil and Ancient Wheel Remnant Stencil designs to the background.

Black paint and foam applicator adds mini coaster TCW stencil design to background.

Add design to the background with TCW stencil and black paint. Lefko

Add brush strokes of black paint and then add design with a white gel pen through the Mini Coaster Stencil.

White gel pen through mini coaster TCW stencil adds design. Lefko

 Use gel pen through Corncob Etching Stencil and Ancient Wheel Remnant Stencil in various locations.

White gel pen through TCW stencils to add pop. Lefko

Use white gel pen for mark making and through TCW stencils to add background interest. Lefko

Create an image transfer using a toner copy of a Fornasetti face. Cover completely with clear packing tape and burnish thoroughly with a bone folder. Soak for a few minutes in warm water and then rub the paper off leaving the image on the tape. Be sure to get every bit of the paper rubbed off or your image will be cloudy. Adhere to artwork with matte medium.

Packing tape image transfer of Fornasetti face adhered with matte medium. Lefko

Add words cut from vintage text to create a message for the piece.

Add message to the finished piece with words cut from vintage text. Lefko

An application of black Staz-On ink frames the outside edges of the piece.

Finished piece with Staz-On ink around the edges. Lefko

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

I’ll see you next time!

Nancy Lefko


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