Greetings to all, this is Nancy with a mixed media tutorial I hope you all enjoy!

The inspiration? Well, my July birthday has me another year older and there’s never a shortage of worries, as any mom will attest. But in spite of it all, my heart is full, it still believes in miracles and knows no boundaries.

LEFKO Mixed media piece with TCW Life Remembered stencil

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own.

Supplies Used:

12″ x 12″ Life Remembered stencil TCW627

TCW Life Remembered stencil Doodling Template

12″ x 12″ Angel Wings TCW616

TCW616 Angel Wings stencil

140 lb watercolor paper

copies of sheet music

glue stick

matte medium adhesive


heat gun

acrylic paint: vanilla, aqua, burnt sienna


foam brushes

light molding paste

palette knife

baby wipes

masking tape

pencil, marker

colored pencil

vintage text

fluid chalk ink: deep ocean, burnt sienna


Tear strips of sheet music and adhere to watercolor paper with glue stick. Coat with a layer of matte medium, dry with heat gun and press out any bubbles with brayer.

Sheet music adhered to watercolor paper and coated with matte medium

Mask off areas of Life Remembered stencil to restrict molding paste application.

Mask off areas of TCW Life Remembered stencil before adding molding paste LEFKO

Apply thin coating of light molding paste and allow to dry overnight.Molding paste through TCW stencil with palette knife

Create a cohesive background with an allover application of watered down vanilla acrylic paint. Dry with heat gun.

Watered down acrylic paint over the background LEFKO

 Create a mask out of scrap paper to completely cover the background leaving only the stenciled heart design to show through.

Mask out background leaving only stenciled heart exposed LEFKO

Apply aqua and burnt sienna acrylic paint to areas of exposed heart design and blend with baby wipes.

Add acrylic paint to exposed stenciled heart LEFKO

Trace with pencil through Angel Wings stencil on either side of the molding paste heart design. Trace over pencil lines with black fine line marker then fill in wings with colored pencil.

Traced angel wings TCW stencil LEFKO

Traced TCW angel wings stencil LEFKO

TCW angel wings stencil traced and filled with colored pencil LEFKO

Using the Life Remembered stencil, add design elements to the background with deep ocean and burnt sienna fluid chalk ink.

Fluid chalk inks through TCW Life Remembered stencil for background design LEFKO

TCW Life Remembered stencil and fluid chalk inks add design elements to background LEFKO

A message is added using text from a vintage book; text edges are inked with burnt sienna fluid chalk ink.

Using vintage text add a personal message to the finished mixed media piece LEFKO

An application of deep ocean fluid chalk ink to the edges completes this mixed media piece.

TCW stencils on completed mixed media piece LEFKO

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

I’ll see you next time!

Nancy Lefko


  1. Fabulous! Is there a supplies list that includes brand names of paints and other products besides just the Stencil info?

  2. Wow..what a wonderful way to deptict the words ..I loved them and the page too 🙂
    Belated Birthday wished to you Nancy 🙂

  3. I really love everything about this! Your photos are so clear and easy to follow…Great tutorial!

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