Hibiscus Pendant with Carmen Medlin

Helloooo there! It’s Carmen Medlin. I want to share with y’all how I made a wooden pendant using my TCW612s Tropical Elements stencil design.

I found some blank wooden pendants, jump rings and a necklace base at the craft store.


I decided to use the hibiscus part of the stencil to make a tropical vacation kind of necklace. It would be summery! I wanted it to be dimensional so I used modeling paste scraped over the flower design, and I used a palette knife to scrape off the excess. I have actually never used modeling paste before, and I found it quite enjoyable.



For base colors, I used acrylic paints. This will change a lot but I have to start somewhere.


This is after several layers of acrylics. I painted in some leafy looking greenery around the flower. I wanted this all to be shimmery, so I used some Silks paints with the regular acrylics and also Golden Interference Orange acrylic (this is very sheer and gives a transparent, iridescent sheen).


After I was finished painting, I used a glossy sealant over the whole thing. That made it even shinier. I used a jump ring to attach the pendant to the strings of the necklace. Here I am wearing it!


Materials used for this project:

TCW612s Tropical Elements 6×6″ stencil


Wooden pendant, blank
Necklace base
Jump ring
Modeling paste
Palette knife
Acrylic paint
Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze paint
Golden Interference Orange liquid acrylic paint
Acrylic gloss sealant

Hope you enjoyed this step-by-step, and see you next time!
Carmen Medlin

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