Stencils & Metallic Foil

Hello everyone!  I am excited to share a new experiment I tried with 4 of the smaller stencils, from both the previous Summer collection and the newly released ones from The Crafter’s Workshop.

 Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 final

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project.  The opinions I share are solely my own.

  tcw631-doodle-bloomREVISED    Untitled-1    Print    SBC_cf-tcw606_0

I was inspired by watching a video earlier in the week that I replicated using the stencils above.  I picked out several stencils and cut some plain white cardstock.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (28)

I used the art screen ink that is made to react with the Minc machine  and metallic foil.  I applied it fairly quickly, using a palette knife and wasn’t too careful around the edges, wanting some imperfections.  The ink I used is silver and does have a sheen to it, but doesn’t compare to the look of silver foil.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (31)

After letting the ink completely dry, I ran it through the machine, laminating the foil to the reactive ink.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (32)

This was an experiment, so I guessed about the heat setting, but it worked perfectly!

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (33)

After pulling off the foil, you can see the negative of the stencil so well.  I will definitely be using it in another project!

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (34)

Meanwhile, I added Distress Inks to a laminated piece cardstock, that I use as a slick surface.  After misting it with water, I dipped watercolor paper into it adding puddles of ink.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (41)

Using the Mini Art Deco Numbers stencil, I added a ’15’ to the paper using silver stamp ink.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (47)

I punched out the number and mounted it to another punched piece of glittered paper.  I trimmed the card face and decided to mount it onto another piece of patterned paper.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (14)

 I thought it needed a bit more color and it helped bring out the blues and greens in the ink.  I added a little bit of silver paint around the circle edge with my finger.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (17)

Now, on to the second card!  I used this stunning 6×6 Mini Doodle Bloom stencil and the same silver reactive ink.  This time, I took a chance and used a copper/gold foil, not knowing if the silver would prevent it from staying copper.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (36)

It turned out beautifully and I was so impressed because of the intricacy of the stencil.  Once again, the negative of the stencil is almost prettier to me!

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (38)

This time, I used several pinks and purple Distress Inks to color a background piece.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (40)

Using a dark grey stamp ink and dauber, I added the ‘LOVE’ from this tiny ‘Remnant’ stencil.  I trimmed the word out to a small banner shape and added gold paint around the edges.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (43)

I also cut down the foiled stencil and mounted it onto a patterned kraft paper.  I added some twine under the banner with hot glue to add some extra color.

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 (7)

I am so excited at the final product, mostly because I found a new way to use my stencils and combine them with the foil trend that is so hot now!  These made lovely cards for my 15th wedding anniversary and to celebrate our Goddaughter’s engagement.  My mother always said there is no greater gift, than one that is handmade!

Foiled Cards_TCW_May 2016 final

Thanks for stopping by today!  You can follow the link below to the stencils I used:


TCW606s – Mini Stockinette

TCW631s – Mini Doodle Bloom

TCW2086 – Love Remnant

TCW556s – Mini Art Deco Numbers & More

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Jenni Calma

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member

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