Doodled Pattern to Floral Painting with Karenliz

Hi Everyone!
Today I’m sharing how I created this painting with the new Doodled Pattern stencil.
Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (14)
TCW593Doodled Pattern

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with stencils to create this project.
The opinions I share are solely my own because I do love to use them.

When confronted with a new stencil with a pattern like this, I look at the specific shapes. That’s what I did to create my floral painting because the first thing I saw was flowers.

So lets get started. First this painting in on Yupo. It’s plastic paper. You can use any type of medium on it. You just can’t use a heat gun on it or it will melt.

Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (12)
No clear ideas on what I was doing, so I decided to add the stencil design to the Yupo with white paint.  When it dried, I used a brayer and added turquoise india ink on top. When it dried and looked pretty cool.

Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (18a)But, my mind had tons of ideas and I just went with it. I added this on top.

Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (8)Yes, black India Ink with a brayer.
I put the stencil on top and used a baby wipe through the stencil to take off the color.
Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (7)I continued to do this technique and then started coloring in the shapes.
Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (6)To color in the shapes I put the stencil back on the Yupo and used a sponge to add the paint. I stepped back and started to see those green swirls as vines.  Using the baby wipe technique, I created flowers using these shapes for petals.
Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (5)Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (13)When using acrylic paints on Yupo, you have to have patience. It’s better to let it dry before adding more color. Yupo is plastic, the wet paint just moves around so waiting for it to dry to add more color is important.
Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (2)I also used the brayer again and added more color. I love layer colors on top of each other like fluorescent orange and pink. Here are some close ups of the layers.
Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (3)

You can also see I used the hearts in the stencil to create this flower.

Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (16)The stencil has a bold patterns so I used bold fluorescent acrylic paints.
Karenliz_Yupo_TCW593DP (1)Remember next time you look at a stencil, find your own flower garden.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team
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