A Trio of Sea Creatures with Karenliz

Hi Everyone!
Embroidery hoops are all the rage now so I decided to use them to create a trio of sea creatures.
Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (2)Although the hoops are usually used with fabric, I decided to try to use paper. For the large one I used a paper with a denim fabric fused to it. I used the hoop to draw a circle on the paper and used Pebbles Tied and Octopus stencils to create the background.

Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (4)

I layered and layered the stencil until I felt the background was finished.

Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (6)

I added the Octopus stencil with crackle paste to the background.

Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (7)Once it dried I started to paint it in shades of blues, greens and purples.

Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (8)

Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (9)

I also painted the hoops to match.

Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (10)The hardest part was putting it in the hoop.
Cutting slits in the paper and gluing it to the hoop helped.

Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (3)

For the next two I repeated the above but I used canvas.
Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (11)For these two I put them in the hoops before I added color to the creatures.
The background for the sea turtle you can find on that stencil. The smallest hoop I used the Nautilus stencil for the background and focal. Did you know the Nautilus has six teeth?
Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (12)Here is a couple of close ups of the Sea Turtle.
Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (18)

The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with stencils to create this project. The opinions I share are solely my own because I do love to use them.

Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (17)Here are the two finished. You can see I even used the stencils on the hoop edges.
Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (16) Karenliz_TCW42716_SeaTrio (14)These were a lot of fun to create!
I want to take this time to say I will miss everyone on the 2015-2016 Design Team.
It was wonderful playing with stencils with you!
I wish you success in all that you do in future.
I also want to thank Jaime and Cheryl for giving me the title of Design Team Emeritus!
I’m very honored and very excited.
So you will be seeing more of my creations!

Welcome the new Design Team for 2016-2017!

Karenliz Henderson
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team
My Blog: My Creative Endeavors

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