Making a Faux Metal Tile with The Crafter’s Workshop

Good Morning Creatives!!

Keri Sallee here and I am so excited to be able to share with you a new project today.

Today, I wanted to share with you how I used a TCW stencil, some cardboard and paints to make a faux metal tile.

For this project, I used Carmen Medlin’s 6×6 Small Cabbage Rose Stencil.


Here are the steps I used:

(1) I started with a piece of cardboard, DecoArt Media’s Texture Sand Paste and my Rose Stencil.


(2) Once my sand paste was dried completely I added a light layer of white gesso over the whole thing and then I dried it completely.

White Gesso over Cabbage Roses Stencil

(3) I added a layer of DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream in English Red Oxide. Make sure you get some down in the grooves of the flowers. Once it’s mostly dry, take a damp baby wipe and lightly wipe away some of it.

DecoArt Media Antiquing Cream

(4) Next, mix 3 parts DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylic Cobalt Teal Hue to 1 part Antiquing Cream and dry brush it over your tile.


Once it is mostly dry, use your baby wipe again and wipe away parts of your color.


(6) Using you Tattered Angels Island Spring Glaze and DecoArt Shimmer Mist Turquoise, as pools of the color all over your project. Then add splatters of the DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics Cobalt Teal Hue into the pools why they are still wet.

DecoArt Media and Tattered Angels

NOTE: Pour your glaze and Shimmer Mist into your paint palette and use a brush for this step.

20160219_160217938_iOS 20160219_155853472_iOS

(7) Next, grab your Tattered Angels Glam in Camel and using a good amount, make “rivers” around your blue pools. Where they meet…they will naturally blend.

Tattered Angels Glam in Camel

What helped me with placement was I googled “Patina Cooper” and you can see how the golden colors rest next to the turquoise during the patina process.


To dry you glam and add texture, use a heat gun to dry you glam and once it starts to dry it will “bubble” up and add lots of fun texture. JUST BE CAUTIOUS not to over heat.

(8) Now it’s time to add some depth. Using Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist in Coffee, I again poured it into my paint pallet and use my brush to splatter it across my tile.


Don’t go crazy! You’re just adding depth….not covering the project.

Dry COMPLETELY before the next step.


(9) Now it’s time to sand your roses! Use a fine grit sand paper to “reveal” your roses through your layers of paint.

Small Cabbage Roses Stencil

Once you are done, it will look kind of like this:


(10) Now for the finishing touch!

For safety sake, this will require you to be outside or some other well ventilated area.

I am using Design Master’s Tint It in Gold Tint. This will add that last bit of shimmer to the whole project. Spray one LIGHT coat and then step back and look at it. Keep you can the recommended 12-16 inches away so that you end up with a “tint” of gold and to completely cover all your hard work!



Here are some close-ups of the finished project!

20160219_184606000_iOS 20160219_184727000_iOS

I hope you enjoyed today’s project! I had a lot of fun making it!

Until next time,


TCW Design Team and Certified TCW Educator

4 thoughts on “Making a Faux Metal Tile with The Crafter’s Workshop

  1. Totally WONDERFUL. I remember years ago seeing my first metal ceiling tile and fell in love. What a fantastic thought – to be able to make my own for artsy play. Yours is just STUNNING Keri. Love the rose – and it will live forever on your BEAUTIFUL tile. Definitely a treat to see your INCREDIBLE creation as well as your SUPER step by step. INSPIRATION DELUXE! XXj.

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