Giant puzzle piece ..

  In this tutorial I’ll show you how to alter a giant piece of a puzzle.
Of course you could choose to alter something else with the same technique, eg. a surface from wood etc.

TCW tutorial greenyellow puzzle collage square


TCW tutorial greenyellow puzzle collage  (2)
Remove the top layer of paper from the puzzle piece. Sand to remove any loose paper. Paint the background of the puzzle piece with several layers of gesso.

TCW tutorial greenyellow puzzle collage  (3)Adhere a paper napkin to the background, by just applying decoupage glue to the surface where you want the napkin to stick. I left out the edges.
Leave to dry, and then remove the tissuepaper that hasn’t been adhered to the surface.
Sand the edges to get rid of even more of the napkin on the edges.
Add another layer of decoupage glue and leave to dry.

TCW tutorial greenyellow puzzle collage  (4)Now for the fun part – add some texture paste through a stencil onto the puzzle piece.

 TCW tutorial greenyellow puzzle collage  (5)
You can choose to add some more color to the background, or distress the edges, but I decided to leave it like this.

TCW tutorial greenyellow puzzle collage  (8)
Don’t you just LOVE this new stencil?
I do – it will stay a favourite of mine, I am sure of that!!!!

Ellie Knol
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member


Of course The Crafter’s Workshop provided me with some product to create this project, as I am in their design team.
LOVE these (new) stencils!

TCW622 6×6


10 thoughts on “Giant puzzle piece ..

  1. Oh wow – you had me captivated by the giant puzzle piece! And then the napkin – does that just look fabulous on that puzzle piece or what. I would have been totally happy if you had stopped right there Ellie. But then…. seriously – that stencil is sooooooooo SUPER. It has it all – love the script, the clock, words and even flowers… it’s a complete package. Wow. Your giant puzzle piece turned out SUBLIME. Xj.

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