TCW and Monoprinted PostCards

TCW and Monoprinted PostCards

Hello Creatives!

Keri Sallee here and today I wanted to share with you a fun little set of projects I made recently.

I have always loved the look of mono-printing, but never really tried it myself. So today…I decided to give it a try.

There are LOADS of tutorials on mono-printing so check them out. 🙂

After making my prints, I decided OF COURSE they needed some TCW stencils!

Here’s what I came up with:

Keri Sallee The Crafter's Workshop

I am calling them “postcards” because that is roughly what size they are, but I don’t know if I could actually mail them. LOL

I used similar techniques on all of them, but here’s specifically how I made the left card.

Start with a fun mono-printed background. I used hot-press watercolor paper and a variety of DecoArt Craft Acrylic and Fluid Acrylic Paints.


Using your mono-Printing Block, Cover it in black Acrylic Paint.

20160203_195705000_iOS 2

Smoosh (that’s a technical term! LOL) Your stencil onto your block. Here I used the 6×6 Wagon Wheel Stencil (TCW571S)

20160203_195705000_iOS 1

Flip your Stencil over on to your mono-Print and use a Brayer to “stamp” the image

20160203_195705000_iOS 3

Peel your stencil back to reveal your great image! I trimmed my image to clear away the white edges before continuing.

20160203_195705000_iOS 4

Now layer and layer and layer!! I used other mono-prints to make my hearts. For my butterflies I used the 6×6 Winged Exploration STencil (TCW566S)

Keri Sallee The Crafter's Workshop Monoprinting Keri Sallee The Crafter's Workshop Keri Sallee The Crafter's Workshop Monoprinting

Here is some other fun I had with TCW and Monoprinting! I used 12×12 Stencil Butterfly Collage (TCW554) for my Cardboard butterfly and the butterflies in the background of my “explore” postcard.

Keri Sallee The Crafter's Workshop Butterfly Keri Sallee The Crafter's Workshop Butterfly Keri Sallee The Crafter's Workshop Keri Sallee The Crafter's Workshop 20160203_194835000_iOS

I hope you enjoyed today’s project!!

Have a great day!



TCW Design Team and Certified TCW Educator

2 thoughts on “TCW and Monoprinted PostCards

  1. These are so FABULOUSLY FUN Keri. What LUSCIOUSLY DELICIOUS LAYERS in your backgrounds… wow. My favorite is the one with the hearts because there is so much texture and depth not just to the background but to the hearts too! The Explore is a close second because I adore the free spirit of background on that one. But they are all three just WONDERFUL. Thanks bunches for sharing such great pictures and steps. Super inspiration.

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