New Years Intention Cards

Hello Everyone, Jen here today to show you a quick and easy tutorial on creating your own personal New Years intention cards. As we step into the New Year lots of people like to choose a intention or guiding word for the year. An intention is something you want to accomplish or bring about. The focus is on the future, not the past.

Supplies needed:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Paint & brushes
  • Stencils: I used the following ; TCW 562 Shattered Triangles, TCW 564 Organic Matter, TCW Organic Mask, TCW 543 Snow Branch and TCW 560 Hex Flowers.
  • Gesso
  • Optional glitter pen to add embelishments

Step 1:

Choose your color of paint for your paper, this will be your background color on your card.


You will want to paint the whole sheet. Let dry before moving on to step 2.

Step 2:  Adding Stenciling

My black background with gold paint with stencil, TCW 564 Organic Matter.



This piece I used white gesso instead of paint with TCW 543 Snow Branch.


Step 3: After your second layers are dry you can then cut into individual sized cards. I love how the gesso gives a 3 D effect with the stencils!

Step 4: Adding Intentions


Write, stamp or paint your intentions on your cards. This is white gesso with TCW CW 562 Shattered Triangles.



You can add glitter to your card as seen here. I also like to add a mini polished gem stone which I glue on.

These are my final cards. These make great gifts that are small enough to fit into a greeting card to send to friends and family.

Processed with Moldiv

Hope you enjoyed this and have fun in creating your very own 2016 New Years Intention Card.

Be Well!


2016 Crafter’s Workshop Design Team.

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