A New 2016 Stencil with Karenliz

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (8)

I’m so excited to show you one of the new 2016 stencils.
This sea turtle stencil comes sizes of 12×12 and 6×6.

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (5)

To create the canvas, I created the background with part of the stencil and acrylic paints and then added the larger turtle with modeling paste. When the paste was dry I painted the turtle in white paint.

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (2)

I painted the turtle in white so that my next layers will pop.

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (3)

I decided to go nice and bright with oranges, yellows, white, and dark blue.

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (4)

Here is a close up of the finished turtle.

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (6)

I added the tiny turtles from the 6×6 stencil.
Boy are they tiny. Hard to paint so I added dots of paint instead.

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (8)

Just because the stencil has turtles doesn’t mean you can’t use it for anything else.
You create some really cool note cards.

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (9)

I just used acrylic paints in blues, whites and silver to create the background.
The turtle was put on using metallic paint from ImagineCrafts.
How about a quick tag in bright colors.

KarenlizH_TCW610ST_CanvasCrdTg (10)

For this tag I added the turtles on with black paint and even fussy cut a few out from white paper.
The possibilities are endless!
I hope you love this new stencil.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team
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10 thoughts on “A New 2016 Stencil with Karenliz

  1. I love your stencils. However, the stores in my area only care 3 or 4. They should carry all of your stencils as I leave depressed. I did buy 2 during my shopping haul. You inspire me. Thanks for all you do.

    1. I’m so happy you’re inspired. If your store in the area doesn’t carry the stencils, ask them. The more people ask the stores to carry items the better. If they won’t carry them you can purchase them at scrapbook.com. Thanks so much!!

  2. an awesome stencil. I don’;t always like the stenciling but this one caught my eye. has form and color, and movement that isn’t just scribble. well done.

  3. This is a beautiful stencil, I’ve been looking for a sea turtle anything that I’d like to use to make my daughter in Love a quilt or appliqué towel set for there new home. Is this stencil for sale and if so what would a Mother in Love have to pay to make her daughter in love even more excited about there new him?


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