Holiday Gifts from the Heart with Karenliz

The wonderful thing about the holiday season is all the family gatherings. That’s my favorite part of the holidays. My daughter loves Christmas, family gatherings and the decorations and would celebrate it all year long. My daughter’s favorite part is giving a gift from her heart. Since she was three, every year we would make ornaments to give as gifts. She couldn’t wait to see the smiles on everyone’s’ face when they opened her gifts. She’s 27 and still makes ornaments each year.


If you’re looking to give a gift from your heart, why not make one. For these ornaments I created them with 2″x2″ stretched canvas, acrylic paints, modeling paste, glitter and stencils.

On all the canvases I started by painted them with silver, white and gold acrylic paints. When they were dry, that’s were the fun started.

My first ornament I used the Mini Evergreens stencil to create a snowy scene. I did decide to add some blue to the background.

TCW518 Evergreens

I used modeling paste to add the trees to the canvas, painted them in shades of green then extra paste and glitter for snow.

Karenliz_TCW_Ornaments (4)

Of course I added someone special to the background including glitter around all four sides.

Karenliz_TCW_Ornaments (8)

My second and third ornament I used the flowers in the Mini Whimsical Shrooms stencil.

TCW578 Whimsical Shrooms

I added the modeling paste through the stencil and when it was dry I added watered down acrylic paint in purple and pink. When they were wet I added some glitter too.

Karenliz_TCW_Ornaments (2)

Karenliz_TCW_Ornaments (5)

I also added glitter to all four sides of each ornament.

Karenliz_TCW_Ornaments (9) Karenliz_TCW_Ornaments (6)

My last ornament was just an idea in my head and it worked. I layered the Twigs and Berries stencil to create this ornament.

TCW558s Twigs and Berries

My first layer is super heavy gesso, my next layer is Imagine Crafts Creative Metallic Medium in silver.

Karenliz_TCW_Ornaments (1)

And then in gold with glitter on all four sides.

Karenliz_TCW_Ornaments (7)

You can use these mini canvases to create wonderful gifts for any holiday or celebration. There is still plenty of time left to create your gifts from your heart.

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