Handmade Holiday Table Tags

Hello everyone, it’s Jen here. Since the holidays are fast approaching and with Thanksgiving here in the US. I decided to create some handmade holiday table tags to jazz up the table while having a personal touch for each guest!


Supplies needed:


  • Paper:  I used this metallic paper from “Bazzill Basics Paper” in Rose
  • Whipped Spackle
  • Palette knife
  • Pine cones
  • Optional : spray paint for pine cones I used metallic gold & metallic sliver
  • Scissor or paper cutter
  • White pen
  • Stencils: TCW 563 Tuscan Wall & TCW 560 Hex Flowers

Step 1:

Cut your paper into strips then cut again in half to create your tag.

Step 1 cutiing paper into strips

Step 2 : Placing stencil over the paper and with your palette knife apply the whipped spackle.

I choose to stencil two corners of the tag while leaving the center open to write a person’s name.

Step 2 stenciling

I love the three dimensional effect the whip spackle gives!

Step 2 detail

Step 2 more detail

I used portion of both the stencils on the outer edges of each tag.


Close up shot


You’ll want to let these dry to ensure everything sets before moving to the next step.


After creating these tags I thought it would be fun to add a card holder with something from outside! I  gathered some small pine cones from our trees. I love the natural color of these, but was feeling called to try out my metallic spray paints!

Please make sure if you are using spray paint, you do it in a well ventilated area or better yet outside!

Step 3: Painting your pine cones!

put your pine cones on newspaper and get your shine on!

You may also want to wear gloves, as the spray paint can get a bit messy. I also found that you’ll need to flip each side over of your pine cone and give it a coat. Allow to dry.


Step 5: Personalizing your name tags.

I wrote each guests name in a white gel pen and it worked really well on the metallic paper.



Step 6: Setting up your table tags

Place each tag inside your pine cone holder!



Hope you all enjoy this.

Best Wishes for Happy Thanksgiving.

Jen 2015 Crafter’s Workshop Design Team

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