Hand Painted Paper Reflective Lights

Hello everyone, Jen here to share with you a fun home decor project creating hand painted reflective lights. I adore small white lights and this project gives me more excuses to keep them up all year long!

With the holiday’s fast approaching I thought it would be fun to show you how to create something bright and festive for any gathering or special celebration.


  • Paper ( Here I used a heavy weight watercolor paper)
  • Pen
  • Stencils I used: 12 x 12 TCW 589  and 12 x 12 TCW 528 “Daliy Buzz”
  • Scissors
  • XACTO -knife
  • Set of small white lights
  • Paint  (I used watercolors and mica sprays)
  • Paintbrush







Step 1:

Set up your paper, place stencil and use pen to trace shapes. I used the flower portion of both these stencils. Here is 12 x 12 TCW 528 “Daliy Buzz”. I started tracing multiple flower shapes and varying sizes until my page filled up with the traced design.


Step 2 stencil trace w:pen

Step 2: painting each design. Choose colors for your flowers. I used watercolors but you can use any paint of choice.

step 3 paint stencil trace

Painted 1st layer

After I painted each flower I then used my Mica sprays, I love how these shimmer!

Step 3: Once your designs are dry then cut out each flower.

cut outs


Step 4: Cutting out the center of your flowers with Xacto knife. Poke a small hole through the center of each flower.IMG_2078

Step 5: Assemble your flowers to string.

Using the center cutout you made with your xacto knife, now place each flower center over a bulb. I double my flowers up using one large on the bottom and a smaller one on top, creating more dimension.


And here they are!


Close up:



IMG_2097 (1)Hope you enjoyed this!



2015 Crafter’s Workshop Design team

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