Organics matter most!

An Art Journal page for you today, measuring 18×22 centimeters, showcasing the gorgeous Organic Matter stencil!

I’ve made a photo-tutorial, showing the steps,
but also the ‘trial-error’ I had to go through in the end, the page not being in balance.. Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (6)

Adhere some pre-colored cheesecloth to your page (I used a glue spray on the back of the cloth).
Do some random stamping with a background stamp (Magenta Stamps).
Add a layer of gesso.
Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (1)

(Note – I started scanning the first steps, that’s why the colors are so bright., changed to photographing later steps… much better!)
Add some structure paste through the Organic Matter stencil, leave to dry.
Add another layer of gesso to make the structure paste non-absorbent. Also add some scrapes of gesso with an old credit card, especially over parts of the cheesecloth to add interest.
When dry, spray the page with some pearly spray inks. Leave to dry.
Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (2)

Fussy cut some images from a napkin, adhere it to the page with decoupage glue.
Also add some stamping by stamping onto some tissue paper, and adding torn parts of it to the background. Add a layer of decoupage glue over top to make it non absorbent.
Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (3)

Now the fun part started – adding highlights to the image and the outer lines of the Organic Matter stencil with a white acrylic marker (Molotow), and add some extra color to it with a brush and pearly spray from a previous step.
At this stage I saw that I did not like the page, being out of balance, and the form of the cheesecloth being too eye-catching.
Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (4)

A close -up of the page so far..
…. look at the gloss from the pearl spray, and the contrast with the baubles of the Organic Matter stencil, the structure of the cheesecloth peeping through.
Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (5)

Never give up –
….so, add some more structure paste with the Organic Matter stencil to get some balance….and follow the steps to get the same effect on these baubles as well.
Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (6)DONE!
Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (7)


Some close-ups,
I really LOVE seeing the effect the Organic Matter stencil has on the overall page.
Without it, the page would not have this much interest !!
Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (8)

GLIMMER and glam!Art Journal TCW Magenta paarsblauw collage (9)

Hope you’ve enjoyed the process!

Go grab your TCW stencils – they’re so much fun!

Ellie Knol

The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team Member



TCW564 Organic Matter Stencil 6×6 
(also available in 12×12)

There’s also the reverse of this stencil:
TCW565 Organic Matter Mask 6×6
(also available in 12×12)

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