Shabby quote tags using an assortment of stencils…

Hello… Today I have a fun project to share with you.  Just recently I had to make an apron with lots and lots of pretty blooms on it, for my daughters “100 days of school celebration”. and because I had my fabric scraps out I decide to make some shabby quote tags with the leftovers.

TCW 26 SEP lp 007So lets get a few supplies together. I used and assortment of 6×6 stencil and fragments.

TCW503 Signals, TCW506 Stepping Stones,TCW523 Be in love, TCW542 Rug, TCW2069 Bokeh Fragments, TCW341 Pie Chart, TCW541 Believe Script.

Other supplies: texture paste, shipping tags, spray inks, scraps of fabrics, ribbons and blooms. cotton thread, epoxy stickers, wood veneer, bella blvd quote stickers,sewing machine, cork and cardboard hearts and a gel pen.

Step 1:  Using an assortment of stencils apply texture paste thru each stencil on to the shipping tags (as many tags as you like). Allow to dry.

TCW 26 SEP lp 001

Step 2: Once dry grab an assortment of spray inks and spritz away. Allow each color to dry.

TCW 26 SEP lp 002

Step 3: Once the spray ink is dry use the script  stencil and place over the top of the shipping tags. Using a black ink randomly ink the edges. This gives the tag extra detail.

TCW 26 SEP lp 003

And the end result after using texture paste, spray ink and stamping ink. These are now ready to be embellished.

TCW 26 SEP lp 004

The next step is all yours, get creative with your fabric and ribbon scraps and machine stitch some of the scraps to the bottom of the tags, add some flower blooms, cotton thread, hearts, buttons, or what ever is lying about. And finish your tag of by sticking a quote on it. Outline the quote with a gel pen and you are all done!

…and a wee close up of the tags for you to enjoy.

TCW 26 SEP lp 005 TCW 26 SEP lp 006

Thank you for popping by today I hope you have been inspire to create a bit of cuteness  and colorful art.

Leeann Pearce … Design Team Member for “The Crafters Workshop”

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