Celebration Gift Wrapping

Hello everyone Jen here. Today’s post is on creating your very own


W * wrapping -1

My daughter’s birthday is coming up and when I found myself needing more wrapping paper I thought I would try a hand at creating my own. This is a very simple and fun way to create vibrant paper for any gift giving occasion.

Supplies needed:


Step 1:  Choose  paint for your background, then roll out your freezer paper to desired length.

(I painted on the dull side of the freezer paper) the color I used was “Alizarine Crimson”, aka. Magenta for the background.

I found using a wide foam brush worked really well when you have a large surface to cover.

Let this 1st layer dry.

Step 1 painting

Step 2: Adding stencil & color

Place the stencil ( TCW # 528 daily buzz flower portion ) over your first layer of paint.

I used “Brilliant Violet” to stencil the flowers.

Step 2 stecncil

I then alternated between painting the flowers violet and a dusty pink.

Step 2 layering color

You’ll want to paint you entire piece of paper with the stencil. You can fill in any gaps and go back over the piece with sections or different sizes of the flowers.

filling in the gaps

Here’s the full sheet-you can stop here if you like, bit I decided to take this a bit further.


*w Layered flowers-1

I decided to layer over the flowers with TCW # 2075 Hot Air Balloon. 

Step 3 Balloon stencil

Placing the stencil around in random places on the paper in “Buttermilk”. Really loving how you can see the layers of colors peeking through the hot air balloon.

Step 3 with balloons


Step 3 done with layer

Let paper dry, completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: Adding detail and outlining

I used a white paint pen and traced around each hot air balloon while giving some details to the flowers.

Step 4 adding details flowers

Here’s a close up shot.

*w close up-1

and the full page of painted paper

* W Full sheet-1

I tried another stencil, Tiled Flowers TCW # 537

I painted the background blue then used gesso over this stencil.



I found that the freezer paper held up really well to multiple layers of paint, being flexible while being very durable, holds up to folding without even a wrinkle! Perfect to create your own custom gift wrapping.

Hope you enjoyed this post.


2015  Crafter’s Workshop 2015 Design Team


8 thoughts on “Celebration Gift Wrapping

  1. I had made my paper with card stock but never thought of freezer paper. thank you so much. I love your idea and project.

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