Wood, Stencils and those Eyes!

First, May starts a new Design Team for The Crafter’s Workshop. I was very honored to be chosen for the first ever Design Team but to be chosen again is amazing. Thank you to Jaime and Cheryl for this amazing opportunity!!

Now on to my project.

I’m going to show you what I created with a $2.00 wooden pallet sign. I love looking in those sales bins for anything that I can use a stencil on. This trip I found a hanging sign made from a small pallet of wood. Didn’t like the saying so stencils to the rescue!

Before I start, you can to do this project. It may look complicated but it’s not. It’s all in the layers. Here are my list all the products I used.

TCW506 Stepping Stones
TCW 507 The Story
TCW531 Grow Page
TCW550 Thoughts
TCW525 Screen Print
TCW2083 Trivet Remnant
TCW 527 Word Association

Acrylic paints in various shades of grey, pink, orange, white, silver, and yellow.
My daughter’s eyes and flower dies cuts (scrap)

Metallic Creative Medium – Silver
Irresistable Colored Texture Spray – Wedding Dress
Irresistable Pico Embellisher – Silver

I sanded the sign because the sign had a glossy finish and I wanted to make sure the paint would stick. Then I painted it with Gesso for clean slate. I used a metal gear to add some texture to the Gesso.


For a background color I chose grey acrylic paint then started adding the stencils with pinks, oranges, white, silver, and yellow. The Thoughts stencil went on first in a darker shade of grey and then I started adding color with the other stencils.


I used Imaginecrafts texture spray to splatter on the piece. Using the silver metallic medium through The Story stencil I placed that around the focal point. I also used the medium through the Grow stencil in different places on the piece.  Here is a close up of Imaginecrafts texture spray and metallic medium.

Karenliz_TCW_WallsEyes1One thing I’m sure you’re still wondering about is my daughter’s eyes. I use her eyes in in lot of my art. She’s my biggest supporter and fan of my art. Sometimes they are hidden or out in the open. It also can be a little freaky but I love using them. You can use your own family’s eyes or take them from a magazine. On this piece all I did was print her eyes and collaged it on the piece.

Here is a close up of her eyes with the die cut flowers.

Karenliz_TCW_WallsEyes2aHere is the finished piece.

Karenliz_TCW_WallsEyesI hope you enjoyed my creation. Have you used eyes in your art work? They can be hidden or out in the open but it’s so much fun to use them.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Karenliz Henderson
My Creative Endeavors

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