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Hello Everyone! Jen Lashua here, I had a lot of fun creating the stenciled coasters for my last post so, I decided to keep up with the theme and create these stenciled mugs. In case you missed my earlier post on hand painted stenciled coasters, click here.

Jen stenciled mugs


Supplies for Stenciled MugsSupplies needed:

  • Mugs (plain w/ no images or text)
  • Foam brushes
  • Paint: Mutl-Surface or Enamel paint, these are specially created to be used on ceramic and or glass.
  • Tape
  • Stencils: I used the following stencils;

        TCW 2064 Bokeh

        TCW 2030 Layered Flower

        TCW 519S Hummingbirds

        TCW 523S Be in Love

        TCW 537S Tiled Flowers

        TCW 554S Butterfly

       TCW 2074 Sunflower Fragments

  • Mod Podge / dishwasher safe (optional) to seal in the paint

Step 1: Place stencil design on mug.

Choose your stencil design, here I used TCW 2030 Layered Flower

Use tape to secure your stencil, I used washi tape.

mug prep 1Step 2: Apply paint to stencil

Make sure to use Mutl-Surface or Enamel paint

mug 1 getting ready to paintChoose your paint color, apply with foam brush to stencil. Use smaller amounts of paint. Too much paint tends to smudge.

paintng mug

Close up painted stencil over mug Stencil pictured is TCW 2030 “Layered Flower

Step 3: Cleaning around stencil

Use a Q-tip or baby wipe to gently clean off any paint that has spilled over the outer-most edges of the stencil. You will want to work rather quickly as this type of paint (multi-surface/enamel) dries faster than regular acrylic paint.

q-tip cleaning

Step 4: Remove stencil from mug and clean your stencil to avoid paint drying on it.

Removing stencil from mug

Mug 2:

Following the above steps, here I used Stencil TCW 523S  “Be in Love”

mug 2

On this mug, I decided to do both sides but used different styles of stencils.

mug 2 step 1

Handle detail featuring the New  TCW 2064 “Bokeh” Stencil

finished stenciled handle

Be Love Mug“Be Love Mug” stencil used: TCW 523S “Be in Love

Mug 3:

Following the steps above, here I used Stencil TCW 554S “Butterfly”Mug 3 Applying paint

close up mug 2

 Finished stenciling the Butterfly mug: TCW 554S “Butterfly”

mug 2 close up

Side view:

mug 2 side

Step 4: Air drying. Let your mugs air dry in prep for oven curing

My mugs are stenciled and now air drying, about 45 minutes before they go into the oven.

ready for oven

Step 5: Oven curing

baking mugsYou will want to follow the directions on the back of the Muti-Surface/ enamel paint bottle, mine stated “Air Dry for 21 days, or Bake in oven: place mug into COOL oven, then heat to 350 F, bake for 30 minutes. After baking, allow mugs to cool inside the oven before opening the door, then remove mug. DO NOT OPEN the oven once you have put your mugs in, this can lead to cracking.

painted mugsOven baked and cooled mugs.

Step 6: Optional sealing

I used a dishwasher safe Mod Podge to put an extra layer of sealant on my mugs. It dries clear.

Step 7: ENJOY!

Now it’s time to brew your favorite cup of tea or coffee. Sit back, sip and enjoy your new creations!


‘Be Love Mug’ featuring Stencil TCW 523S   “Be in Love”

‘Humming Bird Mug’ featuring Stencil  TCW 519S “Hummingbirds”


‘Distressed Tiled Flowers’ featuring Stencil  TCW 537S  “Tiled Flowers

‘Butterfly Mug’ featuring Stencil TCW 554S  “Butterfly”


‘Blue Sunflower Flower Mug’ featuring Stencil   TCW 2074 “Sunflower Fragments

‘Silver Layered Flower Mug’ featuring Stencil   TCW 2030 “Layered Flower



2015 The Crafter’s Workshop Design team.

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  1. Those mugs are beautiful. The hummingbird is one of my favorite. Hopefully you will post them to sell!

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