Hand Painted Stenciled Coasters

Hello everyone! Jen here. I’m honored to be a part of the Crafter’s Workshop Design Team. Since the sun has finally made it’s way to us here in Vermont, I decided to do a quick tutorial on creating your very own Hand Painted Stenciled Coasters.

stenciled coasters title

These make great hostess gifts, adding a colorful, fun design to any home decor.


Here are the supplies you will need to create your stenciled coasters:

post 1 Supplies

  • Blank coasters: you can find on-line or in craft stores.
  • Gesso
  • Acrylic paint: I used several different brands
  • Foam brush
  • Foam daubers: these are rounded, made of foam, as pictured above.
  • Stencils: for this tutorial I used the following stencils; Mums TCW173, Herringbone TCW228, Chevron TCW227 and Ferns TCW243.
  • Paint pens (optional): used to add detail on your coasters.
  • Palette knife (optional): for use in applying your finish/sealer
  •  Tar Gel or Modge Podge (optional): for finish/sealer


Step 1: Apply Gesso

I started out by applying a thin layer of gesso to my blank coasters, the gesso helps so the coasters won’t absorb as much paint, enabling you to use less paint overall. Allow time for your coaster to dry before moving on to the next step . If you want to create reversible coasters, then do this step on both sides of the coaster.

post 1 1st step

Step 2: Paint your coaster

Pick your favorite color of paint and apply to your coaster using a foam brush. Allow the first layer to dry completely to avoid possible smudging. While you are waiting for this layer to dry you can work on another coaster, following the steps above.

post 1 step 3Step 3: Choose Stencil

Now that your painted coaster is dry from layer 1, you can choose your stencil pattern. Here, I worked with Chevron TCW227 & Ferns TCW243. Lay the stencil over your coaster and hold down with one hand.

photo 5

You will want to use a foam dauber to apply your paint. Make sure you aren’t using a a lot of paint in this step, less is better. I found that daubing works better and gets a cleaner image than dragging the dauber on the stencil.

Step 4: Paint stencil

Applying paint over your stencil

photo For added contrast I used an opposite and contrasting color; pictured below is my silver background.

Step 5:

Remove the stencil from your coaster.photo 1Sliver w/black, stencil: Chevron TCW227

photo 4Gold w/sliver, stencil: Chevron TCW227

photo 3Stencil: Ferns TCW243


allow enough time to ensure your coaster is totally dry.

Step 6: Adding detail with paint pens (optional)

Stencil: Mums TCW173

photo 3

Step 7:

This is optional, as well….Sealing and finishing your coaster.

To ensure the longest life of my coasters and to protect against damage from getting wet etc. I used Tar Gel, a colorless gel that gives a high gloss effect. I used it as a sealer/finish. You can also use Mod Podge if you can’t find Tar Gel and you will still get a gloss finish while sealing the coaster.

Applying the tar gel with a palette knife, letting the tar gel drip off the palette knife:

photo 1Smoothing out over the surface of the coaster with the palette knife.

photo 2

Smoothed out and ready to dry:

photo 3

This step does take a while, I like to let it dry overnight. You will notice the tar gel becomes cloudy with a blue hue when first applied, as it dries, the surface becomes clear and glossy.

Drying coasters:

IMG_04011) Stenciled Chevron TCW227 black w/gold

2) Stenciled Chevron TCW227 silver w/black

3) Stenciled Herringbone TCW228 purple w/persimmon

4) Stenciled Ferns TCW243 green w/gold and light green/gold



Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy your new creations!

The finished coasters:

IMG_0395 Stenciled Chevron TCW227 gold w/silver & Stenciled Chevron TCW227 black w/silver

IMG_0400Stenciled Mums TCW173 green w/white

IMG_0398Stenciled Ferns TCW243 green w/gold & Stenciled Mums TCW173 green w/white

I had a lot of fun creating these coasters and I hope you enjoyed this!




 2015 The Crafter’s Workshop Design team.

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  1. Beautiful colors and seems like a great summer project. Thank you for your efforts and great art.

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