More Stenciled Journaling

Hi there.  Its Lydell here for my last post with The Crafter’s Workshop.  Its been a wonderful 12 months and I have enjoyed every bit.  My last share here on the Blog is what I have been doing the last week or so.  A challenge based on “lists” of varying topics. (#listersgottalist) I am loving digging up memories and exploring the past just a bit….and dressing it all up with stencils too….what can be better!

Last week I showed you how I used a stencil to complete the front cover of my little handmade booklet to fit my Midori Traveler’s Notebook Style journal.  See that post Here.

This week I am doing some work inside, as well as a list or two.

For the front page I liked this quirky Cat!


I traced the stencil…


Added a word…..


 And a little colour!


 Isn’t that just cute?


This one is super simple, just using two colours of Pan Pastels and blending from the inside out- darker to lighter.


I first applied the lighter colour…Then went in and added another layer of the darker colour, blending as I went….


On the next page I used Pan Pastels again In red and orange, and added in some of the numbers and words I would use in the list I was creating.  Blending two different colours is really effective.


 ……and I added my list in between!


On the next page I added stenciled details to the completed list.LQ-TCWapril--9


as you can see these lists are a really great way to record things from the past.I am really enjoying doing them, and the stencils are making the decorating really easy!

So that’s all from me today.

Will see you around!

Lydell 🙂

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