Playin’ with Fragments

I LOVE trying new things!!
I’m not very familiar with Fragments,
so I thought I would pull out a few
and try various techniques…….

I began by taping down the
3 Fragments I had chosen
TCW2069 Bokeh Fragment
TCW2072 Easter Egg Fragment
TCW2056 Scribbled Rose
to my work surface overtop my tag.

Fragment Play by Lynne Forsythe

For my first tag I applied a layer of
Perfect Paints ~ Polishing Plaster Texture Medium ~ Organic Sugar
through my Fragments.
I then smeared Gelatos all over the dried tag
and blended the color with water.
I liked how this tag came out!

Fragment Fun by Lynne Forsythe

I couldn’t wait to move onto my next tag.
I once again taped down my fragments.
This time I placed puddles of
Perfect Paints ~ Shimmering Matte Acrylic
on my craft mat and applied it over
the fragments with a stencil sponge.
I lifted up the fragments to reveal
this FABULOUS tag!!!


For my last tag, I chose to color the tag first
with various Tattered Angels ~ Glimmer Mist.
I then taped down my fragments and applied
Perfect Paints ~ Shimmering Matt Acrylic ~ Shadow
over my fragments with a stencil sponge.
Now how COOL is that??!??!

Fragment Fun by Lynne Forsythe

I hope you enjoyed my creative journey….
now what will I try next???

In case you are wondering….
this is what I did with 2 of the tags.

Fragment Fun by Lynne Forsythe

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