Natural Vase- Stencil TCW #415

This plain, but pretty olive green vase is made over to a down to earth natural look with a stencil and some brown paint.

I chose to use this stencil designed by Dina Wakley for The Crafter’s Workshop. With natural elements in mind, the striped leaves are a great design for this vase. 

I wrapped the stencil around the vase vertically and taped it off to hold it for painting. 

Then I sponge painted through the stencil with a water based translucent brown colored paint. 

After it dried, I grabbed some sisal, glass and plastic beads and coconut shell pieces to add to it. 

To make holes in the coconut shell pieces, I used a drill. 

I wrapped the sisal around the neck of the vase and tied it off with some extra hanging to add some of the beads. 

Once the beads were on, tying off finished the look. 

What would you do with this stencil? 

So many options! 


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