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Hello there and Happy New Year!

It’s Miae here to share a home decor project with you. While taking down all the Christmas decorations in our home, I saw all the lighting and an idea came to me….

MiaeRowe_TCW_Light Covers (6) MiaeRowe_TCW_Light Covers (1)

I could hang these little glowing clouds in my daughters’ room for some soft, fun lighting year round!

I started by outlining the clouds from the Clouds TCW230 Stencil with black pen onto vellum paper. Make sure to draw two of each cloud shape you are interested in using.

MiaeRowe_TCW_Light Covers (2)

Next, I picked several different 6×6 stencils and chalk ink to decorate the clouds: TCW492s Kasia’s Letters, TCW479s Random Stars, TCW478s Beaded Curtain. You only need to stencil one of the pair.

MiaeRowe_TCW_Light Covers (3)

After the chalk ink has dried, cut out the clouds and glue each matching pair together. Don’t completely glue the clouds together yet. The idea is to make a “pouch” so start by gluing one side like this:

MiaeRowe_TCW_Light Covers (4)

Then “wrap” the cloud around a light bulb and glue the other side of the cloud. I tried to glue along the edges only, again to create a pouch.

MiaeRowe_TCW_Light Covers (5)

I hope my girls like it! Thanks for coming by!


The Crafter’s Workshop Design Team


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