Book cover overhaul with The Crafter’s Workshop.

Hi there.  Nice to be back again this month with a Project I have been working on.

I decided to redo a book cover, this same idea will work for any book cover you would like to work on, and the most difficult thing….Is the drying time!

I used quite a few different products on this one.  But they are all pretty standard, and probably can be substituted for other things you might have on hand.

I used just the one stencil, as I wanted a neat more formal looking finish rather than a distressed look.  I really love the delicacy of this stencil.  I used the 6×6 one.  TCW 157 Flower Frenzy.


So here’s my cover, which I painted over with some super heavy Gesso.  This is just as it says, super heavy, super thick, super good coverage.  The texture paste texture here is in the next step, but you can see how good the gesso coverage is in the centre.


I got out some texture paste and my stencil and palette knife.  I positioned my stencil over the cover and spread the texture paste through, just a thin layer, but it is plenty to leave texture and pattern.  I moved the stencil around to make the pattern appear as seamless and I could and concentrated around the edges.


Once this was dry I came in with 3 colours of teal.


I started with the lightest colour.  Let that dry a bit and used the medium colour and stayed in closer to the edges, then I got the darkest colour and stayed much closer to the edge.  I sprayed a little with some blue Shimmerz Vibez, to settle in the crevices.  Let that dry.

Next I got another shade of Vibez, a much darker one, and sprayed it on my craft sheet.  With my finger I smeared it on the very edges, just creating a little depth.


I painted the whole cover with a matt varnish to protect the paints.  (So they wouldn’t move if they got wet)


I used a sponge with just a little paint on it and held the pages together while I sponged colour on the sides of the book.


Once I was happy with this I cut out a heart, and painted it red.  Once that was dry I adhered it to my book cover.


and then got out my big brush markers.  I used a red and a brown to add a bit of shading and depth to the heart.  Then I painted this with a coat of the Matt Varnish as well.


Here is the finished cover



I like how this turned out.  Now I need to find more books to recover!

See you again soon.



The Crafters Workshop Designer


4 thoughts on “Book cover overhaul with The Crafter’s Workshop.

  1. I love this idea and am always looking for ways to make my altered books/art journal covers interesting. This definitely fits the bill!

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